Video: Cooperation and Engagement: What can board games teach us?

More Badging Ideas…

I am thinking through a strategy for badging and gamification. Here are some of the resources I have collected.

Passport by Purdue University: Digital Badges for Learning

Purdue University – Show What You Know –

A learning system that demonstrates academic achievement through customizable badges.






Global Kids and Hive NYC Badge Design –

  • Badge-powered flexible learning – Passport guides students through tasks by providing a framework to submit documents, share links, complete quizzes, or gather approvals. Instructors can follow each student’s progress and connect badges with course objectives.
  • Badge builder – With the system’s badge-builder tool, instructors can select different styles, colors, icons and fonts for each badge, or upload their own images. They also can set expiration dates for challenges, or reset tasks when a student’s first attempt is not satisfactory.
  • Scorecard – Achievements — such as essays, online discussions, blog posts and podcasts, to name a few — can then be translated into a numeric-based evaluation system for grading purposes.

A Perspective on Digital Natives & Digital Immigrants

Great video by Andy Tattersall.

Documentary Instruction: An Example from Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders USA Global Engineer Professional Skills Certification. This trailer explains and demonstrates how the online curriculum works.

15-Yr-Old Kelvin Doe Wows M.I.T.

Text Messaging Habits We All Hate

Text Messaging Habits We All Hate
Text Messaging Infographic is developed by: MobiStealth

Thinking about How to Use VoiceThread

VoiceThread is a web-based application that allows you to place collections of media like images, videos, documents, and presentations at the center of an asynchronous conversation.

A VoiceThread allows people to have conversations and to make comments using any mix of text, a microphone, a web cam, a telephone, or uploaded audio file.

Resources for VoiceThread from Penn State –

VoiceThread Introduction Tutorials –

Seven Things You Should Know About VoiceThread –

Using VoiceThread for Online Presentations –

Humanizing Online Learning with VoiceThread –

What most schools don’t teach – Coding!

Infographic: Does Texting Hurt Your Grammar?

Does Texting Hurt Your Grammar?


Cell phone & Web: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Cupids!

Cell Phone and Web: perfect Valentine Cupids
Source: MobiStealth


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