Marketing Some Winning Ballpark Eats

pretzelWhen it comes to home-run marketing, many MLB ballparks across the country are putting their yummy eats and tasty treats front and center.


From delicious promotions to getting the word out about new and interesting foods on the menu, here are just a few ballparks across the country that are successfully marketing their eats:


U.S. Cellular Field

The home of the Chicago White Sox is also home of the helmet sundae.

What’s a helmet sundae?

Well, it’s a three-pound, 12-scoop, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream dream complete with caramel and chocolate syrup and served in a White Sox helmet.

U.S. Cellular Field is marketing this sweet treat on Twitter and Facebook by posting pictures of fans chowing down on this tasty behemoth. Although this sundae is usually shared, marketers at @whitesox are offering a special prize for the first few fans to finish the treat by themselves.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Having plenty of delicious food options keeps fans satisfied and in the game. That’s why Camden Yards offers Orioles fans a number of delicious eats. What kinds of foods? Well, as the following article looks at, take these out to the ballgame! … bacon wrapped hot dogs, crab mac n cheese dogs, Jack Daniels’ ribs, Boog Powell’s BBQ, and seafood options like crab cakes.

Josh Distenfield, the Orioles executive chef, doesn’t just market these delicious ballpark eats by posting pictures of them on sites like Instagram and Twitter.

He also promotes the food at Camden Yard by only choosing local suppliers. In addition, he lets his fans know that all food operations at the stadium are eco-friendly by advertising the ballpark’s energy efficient kitchens.

Target Field

The only thing better than a Bloody Mary is a cheeseburger; but the two don’t really coincide, right? Wrong!

Minnesota Twins fans can finally get a drink and eat combo that’s unlike anything else. It’s called the Bigger Better Burger Bloody Mary and it is quickly gaining attention for the revamped food options at Target Field.

This delicious eat is actually a Bloody Mary that’s garnished with a bacon cheeseburger slider. The Twins are marketing the “Burger Mary” on Twitter with #TalkAboutAHomeYum. The culinary geniuses at Hrbek’s, the ballpark’s official restaurant, are using the food/cocktail combo as the centerpiece for their new menu.

When it comes to game day delicacies, the MLB ballparks above really know how to dish up and market some great eats.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including marketing and social media.