Are You #CEO Material?

Developing a career that takes you all the way to top is a priority for many of us. If you’re creative and driven, chances are you want your career to take you to the very top. Running a business and having the final say on key decisions isn’t for the faint hearted. Many people have got there though, and not all of them came from an entrepreneurial background.

Developing your career means you need to develop yourself. Education and experience are essential ingredients for the successful CEO. It’s not a role you can walk into. In fact, most companies are organized with a board of people that will vote to determine your effectiveness in that role. That means your background must be impressive, just to be considered.

Start by addressing any shortfalls in your education. If you don’t have an MBA, consider acquiring one. This is a standard qualification for any senior management position. MBA online accredited programs can be ideal if you’re keen to continue working full time as you study. It’s more practical too, as you can apply your project work directly to real life business scenarios. The MBA program will offer you insights into the strategic management of marketing, economics, and statistics. Any CEO needs these essential skills in order to make informed business decisions.


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CEOs need to have confidence and tenacity in their role. These are skills that can be learned, but they must be practiced too. Spend time in challenging situations. Work with people that can push your limits and develop methods to manage even outside of your comfort zones. Drive and determination can sometimes mean sacrifices in your personal or home life. Long hours come with the role. Are you ready to set yourself apart

Networking is, of course, essential if you want to be headhunted for roles in business management. Use online networking as much as possible. Services like LinkedIn can offer you the chance to meet people in your industry. Join in with groups and forums and take opportunities to get involved or offer opinion and advice. This helps you to make a name for yourself. Encourage those you work with to leave recommendations and positive comments whenever possible.

Networking at conferences, events, and seminars is also essential. Develop an easy-to-approach style and make an effort to remember names and details. Follow up with emails or calls when you meet someone new. Offer to help when you can. If you show an interest in others, they might be more willing to help you in the future. That could result in a job interview. Now all you need to do is check your resume proves you really are CEO material.

Statistics and figures read very well on resumes. How much money did you save your department? By what percentage did sales increase that year? What projects did you head up to great success? Simple one-liners with bottom-line figures work best. If you don’t have these amazing figures just yet, then what are you waiting for? Get out there and become the CEO you want to be.