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Recognized expert and evangelist in online learning, higher education, executive and professional education, social and educational media, and instructional and curriculum design.

Skilled administrator with proven strengths in assessment, strategic planning, goal setting, and managing systemic change.

Proven leader with the ability to assemble and direct the work of multidisciplinary teams to achieve business and learning objectives.

Strongly committed to educational excellence and creating a positive learning experience in the online environment. Superior interpersonal communication and presentation skills.

4 thoughts on “Experience

  1. Hello Nancy. I am the Graphic Design Coordinator for a small private art school in Nashville http://nossi.edu. We are thinking about using a new technique for our four hour, once a week, fifteen week, class curriculum for certain courses where we “flip” the learning procedure using video homework mixed with in-class discussion. This is where we got the idea. http://www.knewton.com/flipped-classroom/ Have you had any experience with this? we could use some help in making this successful.

    Also, We are going to be putting on a six week learning workshop on social media for small business owners or leaders within the Nashville area. Would you be interested in being a keynote speaker during those six weeks, or at least one guest speaker during the six week course?
    Thanks for consideration,
    Bruce Stanley

  2. Hi Bruce,

    Your idea on combining video homework and in-class discussion sounds great.
    For starters, check out our platform, http://www.blubbr.tv – it allows both teachers and students to create interactive YouTube-based trivia games.
    You can let the students practice with a trivia quiz, but a more innovative way would be letting them create their own video trivia games while developing creativity, research and writing skills.

    Good luck!

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