Staff Picks

Does Your Brand Have Designs on Mobile Video?

The recent announcement from Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer presents exciting news for companies interested in manipulating the mobile video trend for their brand.

Standing on stage at the Mobile Developer Conference in San Francisco in July, Mayer unveiled a powerful new mobile app called Livetext that enables users to communicate via video and text message.

Personal Injury Lawyers Make Case for Marketing

Can personal injury lawyers make a case for marketing? Some law firms may overlook marketing, or focus their marketing efforts on expensive TV spots or brochures. In fact, personal injury lawyers stand to gain a great deal from a vibrant marketing strategy that encompasses marketing techniques such as social media and blog posts.

Do You Run a Social Workplace?

According to one recent study, more than 54 percent of companies ban the use of social media at work.

The ban consists of regulations over posting company pictures, publishing texts, or posting anything on personal or public sites during working hours. The other 46 percent are presumably okay with employees using social media at work.

7 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Social Marketing

Social media has been here a long time. We tend to think it exploded in popularity with the introduction of Facebook, in 2004, internet communities have been around since the 1980s. Those of us who were using the internet in those early days remember things like Usenet or IRC (Internet Relay Chat), which we used to communicate with those exploring the net even before the days the web became so focused on graphics. Of course, these tools were not nearly as user-friendly as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, but they were ways for people and businesses to share information with a lot of people.

Get Your Workers Moving Around

One of the latest office trends currently being seen is standing desks. And to go one step further (no pun intended) the standing takes part on a treadmill.

Now this may not be for everyone, or every office, but there is a push of encouraging workers to get moving during the day. During breaks, employees are encouraged to move around and get a little exercise in rather than stay at their desks. What’s the basis for this change?