Guest Author Guidelines

Authentic voice –  If you aren’t engaged with your content, how can you expect to engage readers?

Topic – Articles that are on topic deal with business, social media, learning, leading, and quality of life.

Links –  I do allow them but them must be relevant to the content. Please try to limit yourself to 2 backlinks and, ideally, one of those should be in your bio. 

Appropriate length. “How long should my article be?” Most articles run from 800 to 1,200 words. Your article should be a minimum of 500 words, and as long as it takes to deliver your message.


·       The easiest articles for us arrive already formatted for WordPress in HTML.

·       Word files can be translated by WordPress, but there’s always code to clean up afterwards.

·       Headlines on this blog use only the <h3>headline</h3> tags

·       Please provide the full URL of anything you want to link to.

Break it up – It’s more interesting to read articles that are punctuated by lists, bullets, block quotes and subheads.

Credit – If you want credit, include a short bio at the end. 
Process – If you submit, I will review, post and send back a link. If the content is not well-written and/or not relevant, I will politely pass.