Critical Reading and Thinking Resources

New forms of literacy are critical in an age of technological revolution and our education system faces the challenge of deploying new technologies in creative and productive ways. In the past, basic literacy skills included reading, writing, and calculation. Today literacy includes critical thought, persuasive expression, and problem-solving.

Critical analysis of information requires application of skills such as:

  • Sorting and classifying;
  • sifting information;
  • presenting a coherent argument;
  • drawing conclusions;
  • and summarizing.

There are many resources available to help teach the process of critical reading, reflection, and writing. Dan Kurland has an excellent website of resources – Reading and Writing Ideas As Well As Words.

Baltimore City Public Schools – Take a Closer Look is a great resource for academic reading strategies. This resource helps students use analytical skills to make inferences, interpret data, organize ideas, and make connections.

Other resources:

Checklist for Student Reading Strategies: Before Reading Assessment

Checklist for Student Reading Strategies: During Reading Assessment

Reading Strategies Checklist: After Reading Assessment