What Does Your Office Say About You?

Your office is supposed to be a symbol of your success and achievements. It’s a pedestal from which you exert your power over the minions below you.

Or so you think.

The problem is that your office isn’t exactly looking great. You’ve overlooked several important features that can have a pivotal role in how you’re perceived. That’s got to change.

Here, we’re going to investigate what your office says about you as a leader. Are you missing a trick?

Are You An Interrogator, Or An Equal Partner?

Have you ever noticed the type of setup that interrogators have got going on? They sit up high in some comfortable chair, while the person that they are interrogating sits down low. They have the freedom to roam around, ask questions and generally get comfortable with their surroundings. The person being interrogated is fixed to the spot, unable to move comfortably, and generally diminutive.



This difference in posture has a psychological effect. The interrogator is seen as powerful and authoritative. The person in the lower fixed chair is perceived as vulnerable. Does this sound at all like your office?

Of course, whether this is good or not depends on the type of business you’re trying to run. If you run a boot camp, then maybe it’s a good setup. But if you’re interested in becoming connected to your staff, then maybe it’s not such a good idea. If it’s trust and support you want to give, maybe stick to comfortable office chairs and generous sitting space.

Is Your Office Visitor-Friendly?

How friendly your office is for visitors has a significant impact on how you’re perceived. The first step is to make sure that your office is accessible. You can get ADA compliant door operators from outlets like Qualified Hardware to help with disabled access. And you can invest in things like ramps, push buttons and special bathroom facilities.



The next step is to make sure that you have a place where you can easily and effectively meet with visitors. Many visitors won’t want to do business straight away and cutting to the chase might not be effective. Instead, they’ll need to be warmed up. A good rule of thumb is to do something that you can both share in, like a cup of coffee. Make your client a drink so that it doesn’t feel like a “them against you” situation. This helps to make them feel that you are on their side.

Does Your Office Send Mixed Messages About Your Mission?

CEOs are proud of what their companies have achieved and their own professional awards. So much so, in fact, that many take to putting up their awards on their walls. After all, they took a lifetime of work to achieve. But all too often, these displays conflict with the culture of the company. Businesses that emphasize teamwork should showcase the achievements of all members of the firm, not just the CEO. Is your business a bit like this? Does your office claim to be about teamwork but only celebrate the achievements of a few? Perhaps it’s time to change tack.



When It Comes To #SocialMedia Strategy, A Picture Really Is Worth A Thousand Words

Ah yes, social media: the thing that your business knows it should be doing but knows precious little about.

The bad news is that you’re still going to have to learn how the whole thing works if you’re going to make an impact. But the good news is that getting your content out there has never been easier. And it’s all thanks to the good old-fashioned photograph. Pictures are fast becoming the currency of social media itself.

Here are some of the many and varied ways photography can boost your social media strategy significantly.

Attract, Engage And Build A Community, Not Traffic



When somebody is confronted with a wall of text, they have to exert an enormous amount of effort to read it and understand what it is saying. This is a problem. It means that your message is always hidden behind an invisible wall of effort. But pictures aren’t like that. People are wired up to easily interpret the content of photos, and that’s why photos are the ultimate marketing tool.

Social media sites, like Instagram, beat out the rest of the competition when it comes to photos. And there’s reason to believe that Instagram will become the social media platform of choice in the near future. According to the data, users spend more time on Instagram pages than they do on any more social media platform. Yes – even more than YouTube.



This suggests that Instagram is engaging users in ways that other platforms, like Reddit and Facebook are not. An Instagram brand campaign for many companies is a no-brainer. To start the ball rolling on your next campaign, get auto Instagram likes and build a community of dedicated followers.

Re-Work Your Content

Most businesses are pressed for time. There just isn’t enough of it in the day to create content, along with everything else that they have to do. You’d be working from the moment you got up to the moment you went to sleep.

The cool thing about visual social media, like Instagram, is that it allows you to work smarter, rather than harder. All those marketing images you had taken for separate advertising through different channels? You can use them to form the basis of your content on Instagram. Show off what your company can do visually, and engage your customers with the high-quality photography you’ve used elsewhere.

Utilize Community Photos

Photographs are, in many ways, the ultimate user-generated content. But they can be used by companies to increase the reach of their marketing.



Let’s say that there is an Instagram user who regularly creates new content that is relevant to your business. One tactic is to approach that person and ask them if they’d allow you to use their photos in marketing. Using customer photos is one of the most effective ways that companies can generate wider social media interest in their products. They reach out to influencers using their products. And then those influencers share the content among their fan base.

Everlast did just this with their gym products, using photos of amateurs wearing their equipment.





5 Reasons Why Millennials Find Temporary Work Satisfying

It’s a hot topic in the news: Young people are leaving higher education burdened by more debt than any other generation. In fact, in just over ten years, debt for people younger than age 30 has almost tripled.

So what does student debt have to do with temporary work and Millennials? Turns out, plenty. With more debt comes an associated delay in life achievements such as buying a house, getting married, and even moving out of a parent’s home. Because those milestones come later, Millennials are also seeking out alternative options for work in order to both secure employment and find a better work-life balance than previous generations. All that’s led to an embrace of non-permanent positions by that generation.




A Business On The Ball Is One That’s Always Looking For More Funding

The story of a business succeeding often seems to follow the same narrative. You get your capital together, struggle for a bit, hit it big, grow and keep growing. It’s a nice story, but one that perhaps isn’t the most efficient way to grow a business. In order to really see your business and your finances booming, you have to keep looking for that funding. Well after you first get the capital you need. Here’s how you should keep growing that funding.


Picture sourced by geralt

Get trading

For additional funding, one of the most reliable sources you can find is yourself. We know that you’re trying to make money off your business, not put even more into it. As they say, however, you have to speculate to accumulate. One of the best practices for getting more money into your business, as well as getting wealthy in your own right, is to invest. Look at investment potentials like the Brit wealth system. Even those who don’t have the expertise they think they need can invest successfully. Take some of the profit from your investments and use it in growing your business. Diversify those investments and improve your chances of making yourself some money as well.

Take care of your credit

The other most reliable funding source for an already existing business is in getting a loan. However, getting a loan means that you need to take care of your finances. In particular, you should always be taking the best care of your credit as you possibly can. Taking care of credit is about making sure that you’re eliminating debt and paying all loans on time. You should also arrange a closer look at your credit report. It’s far from uncommon that a report will contain one or more erroneous accounts. It’s as simple as finding these black marks on your account and disputing them. Otherwise, you could have a bad credit score for years without even knowing about it.

Accept a helping hand

You might have been told that nothing in life comes for free. However, that’s not always the case in business. In fact, there are a lot of grants that a business can get for all kinds of reasons. There are grants that help businesses take on extra staff from certain communities. There are others that support businesses that put some effort into being more friendly to the environment. There are even grants that can support a business because they have a woman in charge. Don’t assume that there aren’t any grants out there for you to take advantage of. Just make sure that you have a business plan laying out your plans for growth. They won’t give money to people who come unprepared.

The more money that you can put towards the business, the more you can reliably keep scaling it. Avoid the hassle of scaling all at once by constantly trickling funds inward. Whether it’s from your own efforts or from other funding sources, you need to keep those books well in the positive.


Sit At Home Or Sit In The Office? Weighing Up Where To Go For The Benefits Of Your Business

Home working has its positives in many different aspects. If you’re running a business, then It can be argued that there are positives to working in an office environment. When it comes to the employees perspective, working from home can have more positives than working in the office. From a startup point of view does it have any impact on the business? Weigh up the pros and cons between home working and working in an office environment. Which one do you go for? Here we will lay out both aspects and see which works best for your business.




It is far easier to maintain productivity in an office environment because you are closer to your employees. You can make more efficient contact with them, as they are in the vicinity. When it comes to staffing in the workplace, it is easier to exert authority over your staff. But this depends on the environment in which you operate and what kind of boss you are. If you are an employer that likes to rule with an “iron fist”, then working in an office environment will be suitable to your needs.

Working from home from an employee’s perspective has benefits with regards to business cost. From a startup perspective, finances are easier to maintain, but the communication is limited with regards to your staff because they’re not on site. Ultimately, productivity is something that needs to be maintained, and this can be achieved.

So how can this be achieved? There are ways to improve communication with home workers using contemporary technology. For example, the VoIP system Is something that is used in many businesses now. It is a phone system that connects to the Internet.  This saves you money as you don’t need to install a phone line in your office. The benefits of having this system include access to home workers through their cell phones. So, connectivity and communication are at its fullest. However, this does rely on being in an area that has good internet connectivity. If you do not have this, then it can cause issues.

As far as maintaining productivity for your business is concerned, it is something you need to weigh up.



image from Pexels.com

As an employer, this needs to be something that is high on your priorities. Having employees work from home is a great way to conserve finances for your business. But, as previously mentioned they are a divide between the employee and employer so this can be an issue concerning business cohesion.

It can be argued that productivity will increase if an office environment is more workable, such as the layout of the office or the morale of the staff. If you are looking to improve the layout of your office, look online at websites like arnoldsofficefurniture.com. But this is something you need to think about and if it has a detrimental effect on your workforce.

Productivity and finances are two sides to the same coin when it comes to business.  Look carefully at which one you need to focus on at this moment in time.







Success Or Failure? Here’s How To Tell How Well Your New Business Is Performing

As a new business owner, there is only one thing that you will be interested in – how well is your business doing? Of course, there are other things that you need to be focused on as well. But ultimately, the performance of your company needs to be your number one priority. At least until you start to make a good profit.



Unfortunately, the success of a new business can be very difficult to measure. Especially in the first year or so. This is because your company may not be bringing in a lot of money, even if it is doing very well. Part of creating a company is taking the time to build it from scratch. And this means making a profit is going to take some time. So how exactly do you tell just how well your business is doing if your profits aren’t a good sign? Here are some of the best signs to look out for.



You Are On The First Page Of Google Results

Next time you have a minute, do a quick Google search for keywords that relate to your business. Take a look at the list of the results. Can you see your business listed on the first page? If so, then that is one sign that your business is performing well. If not, there are some quick ways to improve this. You just need to work on your site’s SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means the more SEO-ready your website is, the higher it will creep up through Google’s results. There are various ways to improve this. Firstly, start adding lots of keywords into your blog posts and website copy. You should also make sure that you are linking to lots of relevant websites in your copy as well.



You Know Exactly Where You’re Going

All businesses need a plan to help guide themselves through the coming years. As a business owner, you need to know this plan inside out. You need to make sure that your plan is guiding you in the right direction. That is one small but important sign that your website is running exactly as planned. But to really optimize your success, your watertight business plan needs to include a budget. That way, you can see exactly where your money is coming from over the next few years. It can also help you plan how that money will be spent, which can help you stop yourself going over budget. Once you and your managers are happy with your business plan and know it off by heart, then that is one step in the direction of success.

You Focus On Efficiency

Sure, you need to make sure that your sales are always increasing so that your profits improve. But this shouldn’t be your only focus. In fact, your main focus should be on the efficiency of your company. Focusing only on sales can narrow your company’s potential. Whereas focusing on efficiency can help you expand in a number of areas. So how do you ensure your business is as efficient as it could be? Firstly, make sure your IT systems are all up to scratch so that they aren’t a hindrance to your team. If you aren’t too sure whether your IT network and systems could do with updating, you can always contact specialist firms for a full review.



Clients Come To You

In the first year or so of your company, you will have to reach out to potential clients. That is why networking is so important for small business owners! By continually reaching out to new clients, you are being proactive in increasing your sales and profits. However, there will come a time when you no longer have to actively look for new clients. Instead, they will come to you. Once you have a client sign up to your business who has found you on their own, then you can be happy knowing that you have finally cracked it.



You Can Adapt To New Business Opportunities

One main issue that faces many new businesses is that they are unable to adapt to adapt to new business opportunities when they arise. For example, a client who uses you for one service may ask you if you are also able to carry out some different work for them. As many small businesses do not have the internal structures in place to allow them to adapt to new work, they are unable to take on the new projects. This puts them at a disadvantage, as they have to let this extra money go to another company. One you can take on any work requests from your current clients, you know that you are a successful business. After all, you are now able to adapt to whatever anyone throws at you!



You Realize You’re Not Alone

As a small business owner, you may often feel slightly isolated and on your own. During the first few months of running a business, many company owners worry that the problems they face only affect them. They find it hard to see how other companies will face the same problems. After a few months, once the teething problems are other, you won’t be so bothered about the various worries you have. That’s because you will finally realize that all business owners are affected them in fact. Once you realize that other business owners have the same problems as you, you won’t feel quite as isolated. And you can be happy knowing that your company is doing just as well, if not better, than all the others in the market!

Your Customers Start Referring You

Word of mouth is one of the best things for companies. After all, it is completely free marketing! Once you find out that customers have been referring your company to their friends and relatives, you know that you have finally made it. However, this can also work out badly for you if your customers did not have a good experience with your business. In this case, they may end up giving your business bad reviews and warning their friends and family about using your services. So ensure that your customer satisfaction is always extremely high. That way, you will know that any word of mouth and online reviews about your company are always going to be full of praise. Once you start to hear that your customers have been telling people good things about you, you can be happy that your business is a success!



You Are Able To Bounce Back

All businesses will go through low points at some point in their life. But not all of them will be able to bounce back after going through such a difficult period. You will want your business to recover, right? Then you know that you are financially stable and have the means and resources necessary to give things another go. By defying the odds and bringing your business back from the brink, you can then make sure you improve your services. And create a much healthier company. Turn this negative experience into a positive one by learning from it and taking away some important business lessons.

As you can see, the success of a business isn’t just about how much money you make. All of the above points are all important factors that contribute to the success as well. Once you can tick off all of the above, you can be happy knowing that your company is a big success!


Can #BigData Make Your #Business More Competitive?

Big data might seem like a mystery to you if you haven’t started using it in your business yet. It’s time to learn about what makes big data such a big deal in the world of business. The big question on every entrepreneur’s lips is whether or not big data can make businesses more competitive. Read on to find out more about what big data can do, and then you’ll be able to answer that question for yourself.

A Business’s Performance Can be Monitored More Closely

As data becomes more ubiquitous, it’s becoming possible for owners to monitor their companies like never before. This is great for businesses because it makes it possible to see what’s going right and what’s going wrong inside a business. The things that are going well can be ignored, while the areas in which the business is failing can be worked on. It would be much harder to get to the bottom of problems if it wasn’t for big data. The way employees are performing for the company can be tracked in more detail as well.


Image Source

Greater Segmentation of the Market is Possible

When you know more about your segment of the market and the people who make up your base of customers, you can tailor your products better. That allows the business to solidify its grip on its market share because it will be giving customers exactly what they way. The better you know your customers, the better you’ll be able to serve them. It really is as simple and straightforward as that. You should learn big data techniques and then put the skills you gain to use by learning more about your customers. Tailoring the service they get can help to breed brand loyalty too.

Risks Can be Minimised

If you have more data, you can manage risks better. This is something that can be huge in the world of business. The risks you will face when running a business have to be managed and weighed up carefully. Of course, taking risks is essential in the world of business. You can’t afford to live too safely, or your business will never progress in the way you want it to. Big data can help you to ensure that those risks are mitigated and minimised, which is a big deal for businesses. You can assess more detailed information before taking difficult decisions.


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Product Failures and Problems Can be Decreased, While Support Can be Increased

No customer wants the products they buy to fail. Once their money has been handed over, they will expect a product that works for them and provides value for their money. Nevertheless, product failures are not uncommon. They can be decreased if data is used in better ways though. For example, testing can be more in-depth than ever before. And new safeguards can be put in place to stop products from failing so easily. On top of this, greater levels of post-purchase customer support can be put in place when data is used more intelligently.