Finding your passion: “It just comes from the heart”

That is a quote from NY Giants sensation, Jason Pierre Paul (JPP).

“Ever since I was young, when I started playing football, I didn’t know too much, but it was something that always came from the heart. Just run. If you are going to do something, might as well do it full speed, especially if you know the calls. Just go full speed. You are going to make mistakes, but once you go full speed, it’s in the past.”

I am following the Super Bowl this year with an increased interest because my son, Zach, played HS Football with JPP. Their team reached the state championship game with Jason and Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson both playing on the team. It was an exciting year of football.

Fans, Sports Writers and Football Players alike have all expressed amazement at the combination of poise and talent this young man has shown. JPP is also a popular YouTube sensation as a champion “backflipper”.

Not all professional athletes can be considered role models for young men, but, I think this one can!

Go Giants!

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