WebQuests + Wikis = WebQuest 2.0

WebQuests are an online tool for learning. According to Bernie Dodge, WebQuest expert, they are a classroom-based lesson in which most or all of the information that students explore and evaluate comes from the World Wide Web. WebQuests are a great way to promote 21st Century skills. They are also a great way to teach students how to use web-based resources effectively.

Resources for WebQuests:

History of WebQuests



Dive Into WebQuests: Reading, Writing, and Web 2.0

Engage learners in motivating, standards-based activities that promote deep thinking and creative communications. When you combine quality Internet resources and effective technology tools with the power of Web 2.0 applications, learning comes alive for students. WebQuests are an inquiry-based approach to addressing standards that place emphasis on motivating assignments, authentic assessments, and developing independent readers and writers. In this workshop, you’ll learn to locate, evaluate, adapt, use, create, and co-produce your own WebQuests.

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