The Journal of Literacy and Technology Volume 14, Number 1: March 2013

On behalf of Journal of Literacy and Technology, we are happy to announce our Winter 2013 issue. We would like to thank our contributors, past and present, as well as our review team for continued success of our publication. 2013 marks the 14th year of our online presence as the journal of literacy and technology. The current issue can be found at

The Journal of Literacy and Technology Volume 14, Number 1: March 2013 features

Article:“Digital Literacy, Language, and Latinos: L1.4Word

Kathy Bussert-Webb, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Language, Literacy, and Intercultural Studies
University of Texas at Brownsville

Maria E. Diaz
Lecturer in the College of Education at the
University of Texas-Brownsville

Article: Exploring Teachers’ Perceptions of Literacy and Use of Technology in Classroom Practice: Analysis of Self-Reported Practice in One School District

Salika A. Lawrence, Ph.D.
Director, Master of Education in Literacy
Co-Director, First Year Foundations-College Reading
William Paterson University
Fraser Calhoun, M.M.
William Paterson University

Article: Digital literacy and digital pedagogies for teaching literacy: Pre-service teachers’ experience on teaching rounds

Marion Milton, Ph.D
Associate Professor
La Trobe University

Les Vozzo
University of Western Sydney

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