Is a Career Switch Calling You?

Could it be time for a career switch? Each year, according to Forbes, more than 2 million Americans quit their jobs, presumably for a new one. And a recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive uncovered the astonishing statistic that 74% of Americans would seriously consider getting a new job. Are you one of them?

idea_plan_actionWhy would so many people be unhappy with their jobs in their 30’s?

One reason may be that we are called upon very early in life to decide on a career choice that is intended to last for the rest of our lives. College freshmen may get away with not declaring a major, but by sophomore year, the pressure is on to decide how you want to spend the rest of your life.

Understand the Career World

How are we to know at such a tender age what daily work life is like in the career we choose?

Of course you will know what a certain professional does in general, but the detailed, specific, day-to-day activities don’t necessarily make themselves known until you’re actually hired to do that job.

By then you’ve accumulated massive amounts of student loans that require immediate payment installments. And if you’re unlucky, you may have proud parents eagerly watching your every career move, hoping you’ll follow in dear daddy’s footsteps, as he did with his father, and his father, and so on.

Is it Time to Make New Dreams?

But now it’s your turn. You may be hearing the quiet voice in your head whispering about how tired you are of living someone else’s dream. How tired you are of working for people whom you don’t respect. How tired you are of your daily commute. How tired you are, period.

Can you find a new career at age 30 and beyond? What if you make the same mistake and find yourself in the same spot 20 years from now?

Big changes like this come at a price. Sometimes the toll is just financial, but sometimes the cost is emotional. When you announce that you want a total career change, you will be rocking the boat. Your family may wonder if daddy’s “losing it.”

The reality is, daddy might lose it if he doesn’t do a career change.

As the following article shows, here is why a career change in your 30’s might be a great thing.

A career change can be just the right thing to re-energize your passion for work. When you work at something you love and feel passionate about, you never have to work another day of your life, because it won’t feel like work.

Plan it Out

Start simple. First, don’t quit your current job. The second you do, you’ll feel enormous pressure that will prevent you from thinking clearly about what you really want to do for the rest of your life.

Spend some of your free time alone, remembering your youth. Go back to those early days and recall what things gave you joy. What made you smile?

Whatever gave you joy then will probably give you joy now. And now you have the experience and maturity to turn those young passions into a lucrative new career.

Once you’ve carved out a sensible path that combines financial security with your passion, you’ll be ready to consider making the switch to a new career.

About the Article: Kate Supino writes about best business practices.