Are Hospitals and Medical Centers Making the Best Hires?

The hiring process in the field of medicine has some fairly strict standards, which is why it’s important for medical facilities across the U.S. to find the best hires.


Such is the case when hiring assistants, practitioners, and other non-physician employees as well as medically trained staffers.

If you’re looking to make your hospital as healthy as possible, here are a handful of ways to find the best hires:


First Things First: Practitioner Certificates by State

There is a major difference between hiring a medical doctor or nurse and a practitioner of medicine.

Depending on where your hospital is located, there are a number of certificates and licenses that go along with hiring physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners.

When it comes to license requirements, many states require practitioners to hold a practicing medical license as well as training and specialty activity certificates.

Making sure your new hire has the right credentials is only part of the equation. The hiring process starts by finding the best candidates.

Medical Job Boards

Many hospitals across the country use medical job boards as a go-to resource to find some of the best hires available.

Whether it’s to post a new job listing or search for eager candidates, online job boards are a great way to find qualified hires for your hospital.

As the article Docs: Are you hiring PAs and NPs illegally in your medical practice? asks, fortunately, many online medical job boards prequalify candidates to ensure they hold all the proper credentials.

This streamlines the recruiting process and ensures your medical facility finds the right practitioners and medical professionals for the job.

Resident Practitioner

If your hospital is in search of new hires, then starting a residency program will help you find the perfect fit for any number of positions.

Whether you’re in need of fresh nurse practitioners or physician’s assistants, hiring candidates for residency during their graduate medical training is a good option.

Most hospitals have 12-month residency programs, which give the hospital and the candidate a chance to get feel for one another.

By going the residency route, your hospital will have the opportunity to find hires based on their skills and attitude as opposed to an application.

At the end of the residency, your hospital can choose to hire the candidate or take on another resident.

Hiring Tips

Whether you head to the job boards, start a residency program, or put your hiring department to work advertising open positions, everything boils down to the interview.

Here are some tips your hospital and the doctors within should keep in mind when hiring practitioners:

  • The Résumé Comes First – Making sure the candidate has a clean, updated résumé is the first step in finding the right hire when it comes to healthcare jobs. The résumé should include information on work experience as well as any certificates or licenses the candidate holds.
  • Long -term Employment – Your hospital spends more money hiring new staffers than keeping its current employees. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure your new hires are willing to stay at your hospital for a minimum of at least a year.
  • Check References – Although a nurse or physician’s assistant looks good on paper, they may not have the best attitude or bedside manner. Because of this, it’s important to contact the candidate’s references and inquire about his or her work ethic.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including recruiting and medicine.

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