Is Your Marketing Game Getting Passing Grades?

If marketing is part of your life, are you doing it the right way?


Whether you market a well-known product or service or something that many people likely have not heard of, your marketing game must always be reviewed and tweaked when necessary in order to attract more customers.

Take for instance someone marketing communication products, be they phones, computers, mobile devices etc.

That is an industry which oftentimes sees changes in products and how things work, so your marketing game must reflect such. If it does not, you stand to lose current and potential customers to other marketers who are on top of the marketplace.

Review Your Game and Check the Scores

In order to get and keep your marketing game at an A+ level, remember these items:

  • Focus – For starters, where is your marketing game focused in on? Always do your best to understand the demographics of those you’re going after. As an example, if you are marketing home phone service for or another such provider, be sure to have an idea of the age and working habits of those you are marketing to. Elderly consumers are more likely to already have a phone provider in place and/or be on a fixed income each month. Meantime, many younger consumers are apt to be using their mobile devices to keep in touch with the world. With that said, don’t entirely eliminate these two groups of consumers, as some older residents will be looking for good deals, while younger consumers could very well be interested in the fact that different phone providers offer a home phone plan which can be extended to one’s iPhone or Android smartphone;
  • Listening – All good marketers take the time to listen to what consumers want. With that in mind, it is good to have your ear to the ground, something which can be done via surveys, social media and more. People’s buying habits do change over time, so you have to be on top of these changes in order to market what products and services consumers want. If you’re not already active on social media, do it sooner rather than later, allowing you to see what consumers are talking about;
  • Competition – Even though you never want to duplicate what the competition is doing, it doesn’t hurt to keep track of their movements. If they roll out a marketing plan that seems to go over well with consumers, you can consider running a similar program, but organize it to fit your needs so it is tailored around your brand and your brand only. Pay attention to the competition’s social media outreach, which keywords they target in their marketing ads, and what they are blogging about for starters.

In the event your marketing campaigns are not exactly getting top grades these days, take some time to review what you’re doing and study up on how to improve your outreach.

About the Author: Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as marketing and finance.