Are You on Board the Text Marketing Train?

Is text marketing part of your marketing strategy?

3ff425aIf you want to get a message to your customers, text marketing is a truly helpful medium.

A text message commands attention, which is good news for your business. Text marketing is usually cost effective too, as you can scale your bulk texting service up or down according to your needs.

What are some of the ways text marketing can benefit your business and how are some companies making the most of that?

Boost Profits with Special Offers

Text messaging invites customers to respond, making it really useful for enticing them to take advantage of special offers.

By using text messaging to send out exclusive offers and rewards, you can build your customer database and encourage them to spend money with you. This works best if the reward is something your customers can’t get except via text message, giving them a compelling reason to sign up to receive text messages from you.

Cosmetics brand Julep used text marketing to offer their customers 50% off their next nail polish purchase, in return for signing up for text messages from them. The offer worked well, with the brand gaining an additional 5000 subscribers in 24 hours.

Generate Interest in Your Brand

Generating interest in your brand is vital, and text marketing can help you do just that. Sending out regular news, updates and offers to your SMS subscribers is a great way to keep your customers interested in your brand.

As the article “5 Surprising Beneficiaries of Text Message Marketing” points out, 99% of text messages are opened (as opposed to less than 20% of emails). That means that getting in touch via text message is a great way to keep your customers interested in your brand.

Palms Casino in Las Vegas put this to the test when they offered customers the chance to text and win a one night stay. After the contest, 60% of contest entrants signed up for regular texts from the casino.

Build Brand Loyalty

The personal feel of text marketing makes it a powerful tool for building brand loyalty.

Customers who sign up to receive text messages from you are trusting you with their phone numbers.

Reward that trust by giving your text subscribers a little something extra, making them feel like part of an exclusive club. Your customers will appreciate the value they get from your text messages, and look forward to receiving more.

Texas Roadhouse made subscribers feel special by designating mobile subscribers as members of the TextUs Loyalty Club. Members benefited from offers such as a free appetizer, with the campaign resulting in a 17% redemption rate.

Gain Useful Customer Insights

Text marketing can be used to give you usable insights into your customers that you can then use to strengthen your business.

You can learn more about whom your customers are, what they like or don’t like about your brand, and what needs or problems they have that you can solve.

That means you can evaluate what works, eliminate what doesn’t, and focus your future marketing efforts to best suit your customers.

Ford made the most of customer feedback during a text marketing campaign, using customer information to seek out qualified leads.

Customers were encouraged to text in their zip code and which car they were most interested in, meaning local Ford dealerships could get in touch for a follow up discussion. The campaign was a success, with a 15.4% conversion rate.

Text marketing is a versatile marketing tool that you can use to boost your business in several ways, from building brand loyalty to increasing your profits.

With high open rates and guaranteed customer attention, isn’t it time you took a closer look at text marketing?

About the Author: Tristan Anwyn writes on a wide variety of topics, including branding, social media and text message marketing.

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