What Can My Recruiter Do for Me?

shutterstock_142813183Perhaps it’s time to find your first job, or you are looking at a career/job change later in life. Maybe you’ve unfortunately been let go and need some immediate help.

The job search is not always easy, and a big part of finding the right job is connections.

But what if you don’t know all the right people or have those right connections? It may be time to seek a recruiter.

Advantages Do Add Up

Working with a recruiter has huge advantages as he or she will have solid connections with companies and know the openings that would work for you.

When you find the recruiter you want to work with, some certain actions on your part will help the whole process go smoother and win you that job sooner.

And finding the right recruiter is part of that process. You can find even more tips by taking a quick Internet search; some articles like “Top tips for working with a GDH recruiter” offer even more expert advice.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Be honest and straightforward with your recruiter – This applies to your background as well as your search. Let your recruiter know of any stumbling blocks you’ve previously had. He can probably help you with the right way to discuss this with a potential employer. For instance, if you’ve been laid off or have had time away from work, a recruiter can help put it in perspective for discussion if it comes up in an interview. You’ll also want to keep your recruiter abreast of interviews and offers you may have outside of their help.
  2. Understand that not all recruiters are for everyone – Just like you, recruiters have specialties (at least you want to work with one that does). If your neighbor says they have a friend who is a recruiter, see if he works in your field. If not, you won’t get much help. You want to work with someone who understands your field, the job openings in it and successful strategies for getting those jobs.
  3. Look in the right places – When you’re looking for that specialized recruiter, make sure you look in the right places. That means ask trusted colleagues, keep your ears and eyes open for recruiters contacting you, and check out some websites related to your field. LinkedIn is a great source for this as well.
  4. Stay in touch with the recruiter – If the recruiter has been good to you (even if you found a job on your own), keep in touch. You never know when you may need his help again. You can keep a strong relationship by recommending other reliable candidates to them.

Working with a recruiter can be the way you find your dream job.

Whether you have a job right now or not, a recruiter can help you. Be willing to work with them, be honest and let them do their job.

They can take a lot of the pressure off of you and let you do what you need to do on your end – buff up your resume, research companies, perfect your interview style.

And when you find a great recruiter, hold on to them even past the point of landing that job.

About the Author: Heather Legg writes on a variety of topics, including small business, the job search and social media.

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