Hammer Home a Career in Construction

construction2You’ve always loved construction. You have a great workshop, love to build and it’s been your hobby for years. Lately, you’ve been thinking it may be time to turn this hobby into a career.

With the economy getting stronger and more homes being built and renovated and other buildings going up, construction is a hot career now and it may be just the thing you’re looking for.

But how do you get started?

In the event you are going about how to start a career in construction, keep some of these tips in mind:

  • If you can, look for someone to apprentice with – Construction is one of the careers where apprenticing is a smart idea. You can usually get paid while apprenticing and learn excellent skills, not only in construction itself, but in running a construction business, like billing, quoting and other customer service aspects.
  • Figure out what aspect of this career you want your role to be in – There are laborers, skilled-trades people, supervisory and management positions. Think about where you want to be on the ladder and focus your training/education/experience on that.
  • Get a degree – Look at degrees in the fields of construction, architecture, and engineering. Some specific ones are construction science, building science, architecture and construction technology. A minor in business management is not a bad idea either. You can also classes through a community college or trade schools.
  • Look into accreditations and training – This additional things can make your more credible and valuable. Things like OSHA certification will add to the list of your attributes and give you an edge during the hiring process, whether through a company or on your own.
  • Join professional organizations – Not only does this look good on a resume, but it can help with connections when job seeking and also offer valuable professional information.

This can be an exciting, new door opening for you. Construction can encompass a plethora of venues, from building houses and other buildings to interior work and renovation.

With sharp skills, professionally, personally and in that of construction, you may be off to a great new career.

About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer focusing on topics pertaining to education, owning your own business and social media.