Should Periscope Be on Your #2016 #Business Radar?

periscopejpgPerhaps your business already utilizes video to engage your customers and market your brand, but could you be doing more with live streaming?

Live streaming, using apps like Periscope, can add an element of interactivity to your marketing efforts, and it can also provide a new dimension to the customer experience.

What Should You Be Live Streaming?

There are all sorts of things to live stream, including company events, press conferences, speeches, product launches, and customer meet-and-greet sessions.

What sets live streaming apart from simply capturing a video is that the viewer has a chance to feel like they are there with you.

Additionally, many live streaming services allow viewers to provide feedback and ask questions during the stream.

How to Use Live Streaming Apps Effectively

Although you should always have a strategic plan in place before a live stream, you should also be ready to get spontaneous with things.

In the article, “Thinking About Trying Periscope?” the author mentions that there is always a need to capture authentic moments, even when you have a plan in place.

Also, it’s important to recognize the limitations of live streaming.

Because most smartphones aren’t able to produce high-quality audio and video when streaming, loud environments or environments with low lighting may not be the best for sending out video Periscope.

In addition, you shouldn’t substitute Periscope and live streaming for professional video.

Live streaming is great for enhancing the viewing experience by bringing the viewer along for the journey, but professional video has plenty of merits of its own.

Be Sure to Let People Know

It’s also a good idea to promote your Periscope feed well in advance in order to maximize exposure and viewership.

Take to social media to announce what you’ll be live streaming and when. This should be done at least a week in advance.

You can also gauge interest in your live stream ahead of time by analyzing likes and shares of your announcement posts. Feedback from these posts can also help you to know what viewers will want to see during your live stream.

Finally, recognize that apps like Periscope can be viewed by anyone, so be careful what you say, show, and do on camera.

You’re representing your brand during your live stream, so keep in mind that potential customers may be viewing to get to know what you’re all about.

Don’t make a bad impression by acting glib.

About the Author: Andrew Rusnak is an author who writes on topics that include digital technology and business development.