Guideline on trading stocks online

Stock trading has come a long way since its intense popularity in Wall Street. Before the various developments in technology, people intending to engage in stock trading had to rely on the services of a stock broker. The stock broker would buy or sell shares on the client’s behalf depending on the nature of the market and would then charge a fee for services rendered. However, changes brought about by advancement in computer technology have made it possible for people to engage in stock trading online. It is now possible for an individual to buy or sell stocks online which is faster and a stock broker is not necessarily required.


Stock trading involves either selling or buying stock which shares belonging to a particular company for the purpose of making a profit. Even though stock trading is a means of getting rich, acting on wrong information may lead to an individual making great losses. It is, therefore, important to understand how online stock trading works so as to have all the information necessary to make the decision of whether t buy or sell stock. Like in most businesses, the decision to buy or sell a stock is determined by the supply and demand that exists in the market. People Buying stock in a particular company belief that they will be willing to own shares of the company with time. If the popularity of the company continues to increase, traders will start competing for owning its shares and thus boost its sale price. Changes in the value of the business or other shifts in the stock market may influence its popularity and improvement.

Even though the decision of which stocks to buy may be challenging, two methods have proved helpful in guiding traders on what decision to make. One method is the Fundamental analysis process which involves analysing the public statements and financial reports of a company to determine the stability of the business. The method analyses documents like balance sheets, news releases and income statements, to mention a few, which are available online with tutorials on how to evaluate them. Technical analysis is also a method founded on the notion that changes in the stock market prices follow certain patterns that can be detected and the stock traded so as to make profits. Even though they do not accept this method as the Fundamental analysis method, traders in the stock market combine the two approaches in deciding whether to buy or sell their stock.

Online stock trading requires a good command of the scholarship and adequate information on the company’s stock a trader wants to buy or sell. Research is, therefore, important as it enables one to evaluate the nature of the company before investing in it. Companies such as CMC Markets provide ratings for specific companies obtained from an analysis conducted by professionals. Such ratings are important because they act as indicators of whether to buy or sell the stock of the companies mentioned. Verifying the authenticity of the information given can be done through examining the analyst’s records which provide an idea of the value held by their opinions.

Such online trading services are very helpful and greatly influence the decision of whether to hold, sell or buy the stock at a particular company. Although one can engage in online stock trading directly, online brokers are quite helpful especially with their vast experience in stock trading. When deciding to rely on the services of an online broker, it is important to consider the level of services they will offer and the amount they charge for every service they provide. Companies that offer personal advice on investments are particularly useful to people who are new to online stock trading. It is, however, important to seek out brokers that provide the means of trading in more advanced fields such as margin trading as skills in dealing in stock trade develops.

For individuals who insist on trading on themselves, discount online broker services can be quite helpful in making decisions. The individual will be not only able to buy and sell stock but also exchange-traded funds, certificates of deposits, bonds and mutual funds to mention a few. The individual will, however, make the final decision on whether to buy or sell on each investment made. Reading financial websites and trading in the penny stock markets can also be quite helpful in enhancing the skills that one will require to trade in the online stock market successfully.


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  1. Good article. Definitely going to share. Highly recommend any new traders to build a complete plan for each trade.
    – Trade objective & goals (what am I trying to accomplish with this trade)
    -watchlist criteria (why this stock is a potential play for me)
    -entry point
    -money management (position size, break even points)
    -exit point (both for profit and cutting losses)

    Analyzing and learning from past trades will benefit any trader. That’s why the best in the industry always evaluate their play’s.

    Take emotion out of trading and profits will increase.

    Enjoyed reading your article. You got a follow and a share from us!

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