4 Industries Where Recruiters Can’t Afford to Skip Background Checks

Recruiters have the important task of finding qualified professionals for either their own companies or clients that hire their services. It is a recruiter’s job to do the searching and information-gathering that can tell a company if the person they want to hire will be a good fit. While the background check portion of recruitment can be glossed over at times, there are a few industries where it is crucial. We’ll show you a few of them.


Some people are surprised to learn that many of the lawyers one can find out there are not always reliable. Certain individuals or companies will sell services to those in desperate need of legal assistance even if these professionals have little or no training in the area of law a person might need. Performing a proper background check can help recruiters make sure that the lawyers a company wants to hire will be able to help the clients that come to them. As one might imagine, not being able to render the legal services promised can lead to a quagmire of legal problems down the road. Background checks can help ensure that everything is accurate. 


Most medical professionals deal with highly sensitive, confidential patient information. In addition to this, they might work with drugs or perform specialized procedures that require the proper training and the right degree of skill. You can use a medical license verification service to check their credentials. The license tells recruiters that these potential hires know what they are doing. Note that HCP address mapping is also something recruiters can use to find potentially valuable medical practitioners in a given area.

Care Services

In this context, care services can refer to a broad range of industries that involve people who work closely with others. Background checks are particularly important for any professional working with children, but these checks are good if one works with vulnerable adults too. An employer cannot afford to take any chances where the health, safety, or well-being of those under their care are concerned. Background checks are often mandatory for educators and childcare providers.


Background checks for engineering are more often about the professional skills of the applicant than anything else. Depending on the specialization, engineering can involve the use of sensitive or heavy equipment in specific ways. Employers need to know that their workers are trained to use such equipment safely. In addition, these checks protect the company from huge losses by making sure engineers have the skills to tackle large projects.

Background checks are a necessary part of some fields of work and can help ensure that there will be no problems in hiring a particular candidate. These types of checks can mitigate or eliminate problems during the hiring process or even years later if problematic elements come to light.

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