3 Issues That Can Hold up Road Construction

Road construction is an always in-demand industry as new highways are constructed and old ones are endlessly repaired. However, most of the road construction problems tend to happen when new roadways are being constructed from scratch. Here are three issues that you may find your construction business dealing with and pushing back your deadline dates for.

Erosion Control Issues

Not all soil is created equal. Sometimes the soil is densely packed together and sometimes it isn’t. When the soil is required to be denser to prevent erosion, construction can be halted until proper soil grouting is performed. In other instances, soil can erode due to lack of structure or land sloping. These issues can all prevent an unexpected problem that the road construction crew will have to stop to deal with before continuing on with their initial construction project.

Issues with Funding the Project

Road construction projects aren’t cheap. Many highways can cost in the tens of millions of dollar range to construct. This typically requires a good bit of funding on the part of a state legislator. When change ups happen in the state’s legislative body, there can be alterations in the funding that is given to pay for the project. Many construction companies won’t continue to work until funding is secured for their projects. This can create a massive hold up in construction until funding is properly secured for the project to continue.

Material Shortages on the Construction Site

One major part of any construction project is the materials that are used for it. When they’re on-site, your crew can continue to work at a rapid pace. However, shortages can happen for a number of reasons. When this does happen, it can halt your crew for days or weeks until the right supplies get to the construction site. Some common causes of shortages include misordering, mistakes by the supplier, weather conditions, and defective parts.

Road construction is happening all around us and is improving our current roads and constructing new ones to make life easier for us to get around. However, just like any sort of business, halts can happen due to various issues that the business experiences. The above three issues are some of the most common issues that road construction crews tend to deal with more often than not on their construction projects. By being aware of these issues, you can better prepare your construction company from dealing with unnecessary halts.

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