Important Legal Terms The Average Joe Should Know

Whether you are involved in a legal wrangle or simply want to know more information, there are a host of legal terms that you should be aware of. At the end of the day, being in court can be one of the most serious things to go through but you can make sure that you are au fait with some of the most important terms. Check out below just a few of the essential legal terms you will need to know. In addition to this, it will ensure you understand the ins as well as outs of the most popular terms. Check out below other commonly used legal terms not to mention phrases.

Police bail

This particular term means that if anyone is arrested by the authorities, they can have the chance to sign a document which will entitle them to return to court. This has a number of different advantages including;

  • Ensuring you don’t have to be in a cell straightaway.
  • After agreeing to conditions you are free to return home as long as you don’t reoffend.
  • A simple and effective way of being responsible for your actions.


This is defined as a legal order which might restrict the way you are able to function during the day. In this way it does confine a person to a home to a certain extent with a host of restrictions such as;

  • Ensuring they need to stay in their home for a certain amount of time.
  • Restricting activity outside of the home.
  • Sticking to set time during the whole day.

No Win No Fee

Previously called Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA) ‘No Win No Fee’ was created thanks to the restrictions by the government on legal aid as well as different types of legal disputes. A no win no fee lawyer can act on your behalf as a part of the claims procedure and identify whether or not you have a case. There are a wide variety of claims that can be covered featuring;

  • Motorbike accidents.
  • Accidents that might take place in the work place.
  • Different types of sports injuries.
  • Any type of slips trips or falls.
  • Claims that may have happened whilst you are away on holiday or in a different country.


This is just as important as a court and very much an important function of the whole judicial system. These tend to function mainly outside of formal courtrooms and are another way to agree terms. There are hundreds of tribunals with each one around a specific area. This includes the likes of;

  • Pensions.
  • Asylum seeking.
  • VAT or tax related issues.
  • Property.

Fixed costs

This is outlined by the fact that costs in particular civil cases are organised at a particular level which can be reclaimed under certain conditions. In the first instance if an offender does not admit a claim, the other party can have the chance to obtain a particular judgement with fixed costs that can be counterbalanced accordingly.

Notice of issue

This is defined by a Court that is then sent on to the offender in order to provide information regarding several areas. This includes the likes of;

  • Notification of which case number you have been allocated.
  • What specific action this is under.
  • Details of the money or fees that are required to be paid in full.
  • Confirmation of when you are expected to attend court as well as any other services.

The legal process can be a long and winding road for some parties. However so you are accustomed to what is going these terms will stand you in good stead.

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