Is Your Business Internet Connection Fast Enough?

Every moment counts; we all know that. And when you are talking about your small business, quick service means better customer service, higher productivity rate and more success.

telecomOne way to stay ahead of the ticking clock is by having high speed internet.

When you look at Small Business High Speed Internet, there are a number of advantages to going this route. Among them:

Customer Experience – When you can respond to your customer’s needs in a quick manner, it increases your relationship. They know they can count on you and that you are responsive. When clients are on a website with a high speed connection, they can maneuver through your applications faster and not encounter the frustration that comes with a slow connection. They will be more apt to stick with you instead of passing up a good thing due to a poorly responsive website or lack of timely communication.

Employee Efficiency – If you and your employees can be more efficient, productivity will increase. The faster they can access information and communicate via email or other means, the faster tasks and projects can be completed. You may be sharing big data between employees and these items need to move quickly to complete projects. If you’re sending vast amounts via slow speed Internet, the time it takes to get there can hold things up, and sometimes may never arrive.

Business Operations – You have work to do with vendors, distributors, and partners. The faster you can communicate and work with them, from sharing documents to chatting and video conferencing to sending quotes and plans, the more your efficiency will flourish. Just as your clients don’t want to wait around to hear from you, neither do the other people you work with.

Transference of Data, Files, Transactions and Other Important Information – Whether you are in retail, creative business, IT or any other small business, it’s important to send and share data and material in a rapid fashion. It only becomes frustrating to wait for files and data to arrive, no matter if it’s as small as a signature request or as big as a multi-million dollar piece of a project. You need reliable, fast connections to be able to count on your information getting where it needs to go, both to and from you.

Without a high speed Internet connection, you can create problems for yourself even if you think you are saving a little money.

You can lose clients; frustrate partners, waste time with employees.

Once a problem arises, more time is spent trying to fix it. Even if it’s as small as waiting for a document to arrive, it wastes more and more time with the more people who are involved, like a never ending cycle. And this can all be solved with a faster internet connection.

Check into your service providers and see what you come up with. You may surprise yourself with a lot more productivity and efficiency with not much more cost.

About the Author: Heather Legg is an Atlanta based writer with a focus on small business, social media, and mindful living.

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