Five Reasons Your Business Needs the Cloud

Is your business making the most of the Cloud? With research from Emergent Research and Intuit Inc. showing that 80% of small businesses in America plan to be fully adapted for Cloud computing by 2020, it’s clear that many businesses are switching on to the capabilities of the Cloud.

cloud_compHere are five reasons your business needs the Cloud:

Cloud Encourages Flexible Working

With the Cloud, you’re never away from your desk. From internet-based phone services to databases, word processors to customer relationship management, a great deal of your business can be managed in the Cloud. That means that anywhere you have a computer and a good internet connection, you can get to work.

No more time wasted while traveling or frustration at being away from your desk – with the Cloud and your laptop, tablet or even Smartphone you can access the information and applications you need wherever you are.

Cloud Increases Collaboration

The Cloud means less time spent trying to set up meetings or conferences, or pass physical files to your colleagues. Instead, you can collaborate with team members in any location quickly and easily. As well as less stress for you, using the Cloud for collaboration means everyone who needs it can have access to the most up to date version of any document or information.

No more out of date information or working at cross purposes, which is better for you and your customers.

Cloud Keeps Your Customers Happy

Whether you use a Cloud-based phone system to route calls while you’re out and about, or make use of the Cloud to collaborate with your customer service team and get queries answered, the Cloud makes it quicker and easier to get in touch with your colleagues and your customers alike.

That means faster responses for your customers and less time spent trying to get in touch with you or waiting while you get in touch with other people within your business.

Your business will benefit from the speed and flexibility of the Cloud, and your customers will too.

Cloud Assists with Damage Control

With the Cloud you can make sure good security and reliable data backups come as standard. With an on-site database for example, a fault could cause catastrophic data loss.

With Cloud-based applications, you are backed up by the full security of your Cloud service provider. When choosing a Cloud service, make security one of your top priority questions, asking how they handle security, data backups, data loss and downtime.

Making the right choice will mean increased security for your business and better peace of mind for you.

Cloud Grows with Your Business

As the article “How to ETL in The Cloud In 3 Easy Steps … And Develop For Free!” points out, Cloud-based options such as IronCluster and Amazon’s AWS offer low-cost options for businesses who want to start using the Cloud for data-based applications.

Many cloud services allow you to pay for what you need and scale your service up or down as your business’ needs change and grow. Compared to the cost of installing on site systems the Cloud is very cost effective, which gives even small business access to useful and up to date technology without an extortionate cost.

The Cloud means your business will be more flexible and responsive. You’ll gain a competitive edge as the Cloud helps you facilitate better team work and faster customer service, making the Cloud an invaluable tool for your business now and in the future.

About the Author: Tristan Anwyn writes on a wide variety of topics, including social media, SEO, Cloud computing and ETL.