Get the CEO Right the First Time Around

A CEO is someone that is a natural-born leader. This is someone that thrives on working hard. Someone as the following article shows who has asked “Is your dream career really worth pursuing?” And answered: Yes.

shutterstock_139725532Finding a person that fits this mold is easier said than done.

The worst thing a company can do is hire someone that is not going to mesh well with the rest of the company. A good rule of thumb to follow when hiring a CEO is to make sure that person is either irreplaceable or really hard to replace.

To make sure the CEO hired by your company is one that will stick around, follow these tips:

  • Know Where the Company is Going – As a business owner or hiring board, you should know where the company is going. You should also make sure that the CEO knows the answer to that question as well – and knows how to get the company to where it is going.
  • Does the person have the right strategies to get the company to where it should be? Does the person have the panache to get the job done well? Is the person the type of leader that can bring out the best in all of the employees so the business works together?

Be sure you can answer “yes” to all of those questions before hiring a CEO.

  • Sell the Idea of the Company – If you spend too much time assessing the qualities of the CEO in question and not enough time selling the ideas and abilities of the company, then you might lose out on a good person. A CEO needs to feel the passion of any business or organization so that he or she can be a part of the dream.
  • What’s the Current CEO Think – The current CEO should give an evaluation assessment of how well the company has built or is building a succession plan for the company leaders coming along in the next generation. If the current CEO doesn’t have an evaluation, start doing one immediately. Make sure that the plan evaluates the performance of the CEO and has a compensation plan in place for the new CEO.
  • Keep Capable Employees – Even with a great CEO, you will need to make sure that there are potential successors working for the company. This goes against the notion that a CEO should be almost irreplaceable, but it really just makes sure that the staff and CEO are working together as a team.

Plus, a great CEO should be able to lead all employees, especially other high-level executives, and keep everyone moving forward.

  • Create a CEO-Search Committee – You don’t want to have the entire board working on finding the next CEO; you need to have an appointed set of individuals work on that task.

Using an entire board can make the entire process become a “too many cooks in the kitchen” kind of situation, and the process breaks down.

Use a group that can maintain focus and adhere to certain protocol so that the best person is selected for the job.

Get it Right

By following guidelines and really searching for the best person to fill the position, most companies will select the right CEO.

And with the right CEO, the possibilities of any business are endless.

About the Author: Dana Rasmussen writes about business for a variety of publications. She has been a writer for more than 10 years and owns her a small business.