Keeping Your Customers’ Privacy a Priority During Text Marketing

Text marketing is gaining ground as more people are using their devices while on the go. Businesses see prime opportunities to appeal to customers and potential customers wherever they are.

Dollarphotoclub_54933137However, the issue of privacy is just as important with text marketing as with any other method.

Don’t Ask for Private Information

Make sure you don’t ask your customers for private information in a text. Instead, give them a link where they can go and enter their data on a secure site. This prevents hackers from gaining access to credit card information and other data through text messages.

For regular customers that you want to take access of a special offer, just have them use a code to get their coupon or freebie.

Make sure any private information you collect is kept safe and secure. The best advice is not to store data like credit card numbers that could cause problems if you should have a data breach.

Other data that you need to have should be stored in the cloud to prevent unauthorized access. Make sure you choose a reputable cloud storage company to work with.

Be Honest

It’s often been said that honesty is the best policy and that is true when it comes to text marketing. You have to get consumers to opt in to receive your texts so be honest about what you will be doing.

They will only open and read your texts if it is something they want to receive. Let them know if you will be sending them special offers or other incentives to buy.

Tell customers how often they can expect a text from you and stick to that schedule. You also have to let them know if you will be collecting information from them such as their location for geo-marketing.

Know Your Partners

Make sure you know the company you will be partnering with to send out your text messages. They will have access to customer phone numbers and your messages, and you want to know that they will not use the information in the wrong way.

As the article, Text Marketing and the Protection of Privacy, says, legislation is in place to protect consumers from unscrupulous practices of businesses. Companies must establish their own ethics and practices or more legislation will be put in place to do it for them.

The regulations implemented in 2013 require companies to provide a clear description of the text program, including providing the name and instructions on opting out.

They must also notify the recipient of any costs, including the notice that their carrier may have additional charges. Lastly, they must provide an indication to the frequency of messages.

Businesses can benefit from using text marketing to appeal to their customers.

However, they also have the responsibility to protect their customers and information. This is true in any case, but especially when collecting private information or location-based data.

When done correctly, text marketing is a win-win situation for both parties.

About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including business and technology.