These Employers Get Health Insurance

These days, health care is so expensive that it becomes a big bargaining chip in any employment negotiation.


For workers with families or chronic health conditions, company health benefits can play a large part in whether they want to work at a certain company, or if they want to jump ship and move to a company with better health benefits.

If you’re in the market for a better company with better health insurance, consider these giants of industry; there’s sure to be a branch near you.

  1. Google

When it comes to looking out for employees’ health, Google is one of the leaders. Besides appearing at the top of the list of companies with best benefits, they also offer on-site health practitioners at many of their locations. This is just another example of why Google is one of the best companies to work for. They place high importance on the work-life balance, and make efforts to minimize hassles when an employee gets sick.

  1. Costco

Surprisingly, one of the nation’s top big box stores is also tops when it comes to taking care of their workers. Not only do they pay above minimum wage rates for part time and hourly employees, but they also provide generous health benefits to all levels of workers. After an interim period after hire, salaried and hourly employees – including part timers – enjoy their pick of either a Choice Plus insurance plan or a Freedom of Choice insurance plan. As the following article looks at, if caring for your child’s teeth is a priority for you, Costco’s comprehensive dental plan for all levels of employees may prove too enticing to pass on.

  1. Adobe

Adobe Systems not only offers health insurance benefits on par with top grade tech firms, but they put their own twist on what it means to care about employees’ families. Their unique spin? They offer pet insurance. Not a bad idea, considering that pet veterinarian bills can easily spiral up into the thousands of dollars overnight. This interesting benefit is also a great way to put a pet friendly face on a company you wouldn’t necessarily expect to care one way or another. Though a person might not choose to work for Adobe solely because of the pet insurance, it’s surely a great reason to stay there.

  1. Monsanto

The biggest shocker of all is Monsanto, which holds one of the top ten spots for best employee compensation and benefits. For a company that deals in food chemicals to turn around and show an eagerness to take care of employees’ health, that’s either one leap of creative imagination or publicity genius. Whether it would be worth it to work for such a company in order to reap what they’re sowing is up to the individual.

The question of why companies would choose to offer exceptional insurance benefits to employees when they aren’t forced to is easily answered.

Better benefits attract more candidates, retain more existing employees and are overall, better for the company as a whole.

When smart companies make the wise decision to take care of their employees’ health, they pay for fewer sick days, experience less downtime and enjoy a more efficient working environment.

As time goes on, hopefully more companies will take notice and follow suit.

About the Author: Kate Supino writes extensively about best business practices.