Does Your Online Portfolio Stand Out?

These days, a strong resume and great interview skills may not be enough to get that perfect job.


Many employers want to see an online portfolio as well, especially if you are in creative fields like design, photography or advertising.

However, other fields are interested in online portfolios, too, like accounting, sales and finance. An online portfolio that shines and stands out may be the very key to getting you your dream job.

Having the essential elements is imperative, and here are some of them to include:

  • Your strongest work – You don’t have to include every presentation or idea you’ve had. Include a few of your finest, strongest work pieces, and you can even depict them from beginning (initial ideas) to end (final project). Don’t worry that it’s not the most recent, or even from your last job. If you feel great about a certain piece and it helped in your success, include it.
  • Infographics – Because this is usually a visual component of your career accomplishments, infographics are an essential part. Include statistics, percentages and create a smart timeline of your career. Even if you can’t create this, you may want to hire someone to make it for you.
  • Decide on the platform – Whether you decide to create your portfolio yourself or hire someone to do it, you need it displayed somewhere. From wordpress to squarespace to dedicated platforms like Carbonmade, Portfoliobox or Behance, you’ve got a plethora of options.
  • Have a consistent theme – Yes, we discussed including your strongest work, you also want your portfolio to be relevant and flow well. Your online portfolio should tell the story of you with a fluid feeling and consistent rhythm.
  • Make it visual – Along with infographics, include other visuals. You can photograph your actual work to include, create slides or other visual components. Go for visual rather than wordiness. Let the pictures tell your story and include short (visual appealing) explanations where needed.
  • Let it represent you – As the following article looks at, β€œThe power and impact of an online portfolio” can win or lose you a job. Make the impact powerful and strong, and create your portfolio to represent you. You can update it, add to it, delete content and let it change and grow with you.

An online portfolio is an important facet to finding a job and ultimately achieving your career goals.

Think of your resume as your outline and your online portfolio as your coffee table book. Make it interesting, visually appealing and fluid.

You want the one your employers will ooh and ah over.

About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer who focuses on writing on social media, small business and the interview process.