Put More Mobility in Your Marketing Game

In the world of marketing, there are winners and losers.

marketing_everythingSome marketing campaigns come off without a hitch while others go down in flames. If you want to make sure your marketing efforts are the former, there are several keys to doing it the right way the first time.

According to a report from Gartner, the news coming into this year was that 50 percent of companies planned to increase their marketing budgets. So, are you one of them?

If the answer is no, you could very well be passing up potential revenue, revenue that could mean the difference between a very good 2015 and an average or even bad one.

Cover All Your Bases

With that in mind, there are numerous ways you can make sure your marketing campaigns are firing on all cylinders, not ending up in neutral or even going in reverse.

Among them:

  • Strategy – You can’t run any kind of campaign (marketing, political etc.) without a clear-cut strategy in place. Who are you trying to reach, what are the odds of reaching them, and what will it take (including costs) to reach them? Make sure you understand these challenges before embarking on a campaign. It is also critical that you study the demographics, knowing exactly what type of consumers are out there for you to go or not go after;
  • Pitch – How you deliver your message to consumers is as important as anything else you will do. A large number of consumers are smart and know what they want, so treat them as such. A generic marketing message won’t cut it with many people, so put some life in your marketing efforts. The pitch also needs to be carefully crafted so that it pinpoints the exact reason or reasons why consumers would benefit from doing business with you;
  • Keys – Assuming that you are running search engine optimization (SEO) in your campaigns, make sure you key-in on the right keywords. There are a number of analytic tools available to zero-in on the right keyword targets, allowing you to increase the chances of better online traffic. If you don’t have the time or in some cases budget to oversee your SEO needs, outsourcing it to a reliable provider can certainly make sense and provide you with a better opportunity to land more business;
  • Effort – Lastly, what kind of effort are you and/or your team putting into marketing in 2015? From traditional marketing efforts to being on top of mobile marketing, you need a well-rounded approach. The latter certainly holds true, as millions and millions of consumers don’t leave home without their devices. As a result, you need to be going after them (with their permission of course) and delivering them instantaneous offers on their smartphones etc. Also make sure your social media outreach is not lagging behind. Finally, be willing to review your marketing efforts periodically to see what is and is not working. If something is not getting the job done, don’t be afraid to tweak it or change it altogether.

With still more than half the year to go, make 2015 the year your marketing campaigns took you and your business to new heights.

About the Author: Miguel Salcido has been a professional search marketing consultant for over 11 years. He is the founder and CEO of Organic Media Group, a content driven SEO agency. He also likes to blog at OrganicSEOConsultant.com and share insights into advanced SEO.