Working Moms Blazing a Trail

women_IT Women have been rising to the top of the business world for years.

Many of them are also mothers who must balance personal lives with their professional lives. It is a challenging task to manage a busy household and a business with numerous employees, customers and vendors.

However, it can be done and your life can be more fulfilling because of it.

Shoot for the Moon

As Marissa Mayer proved, you can begin a new career or take on a leadership goal when you are about to become a mother. She took over the reins at Yahoo as CEO as an expectant mother. A new career and impending parenthood made for quite a challenge.

While most women won’t have the prominence of such a career, they do know what it is like to try not to let anyone down. Mayer’s situation and that of other women in the corporate world show that you can dream your own dreams and make goals for your career even while being a dedicated mother.

Becoming a parent does not make you less of a person or turn you into someone who has no goals or desires of their own.

Be Great at What You Do

Be the best employee that you can be, especially if you are starting out at a new company. Once you have proven your value, the company will be more likely to offer flexibility when you are trying to balance family and work.

According to the article, “A Visual Guide to the Financial Lives of Working Mothers,” 48 percent of mothers who work are employed full-time. Employers are used to working with this demographic to manage workload and scheduling.

This advice is easiest to follow if you are planning a family. For those who already have kids, it can be more difficult. When you are at work, focus on your job.

Try to avoid personal phone calls and other distractions that keep you from doing the best job possible.

Be Honest

You cannot always be all things to all people. You will find times that you fail to live up to expectations even if those expectations come from you. You will miss your kids’ appointment or wait until the last minute to work on a project.

It is important that you are honest with yourself and with those around you. Don’t try to act like Super Woman all of the time because they already know you aren’t.

Be Honest with Yourself

Know what you can and can’t do and live within those limitations. Instead of trying to do everything, figure out a work-around.

If you know you can’t make it for a kid’s appointment; ask someone else to go in your place. If you are going to be pushing a deadline at work, find out if someone is available to work with you on it for a share of the credit.

Having it all, career and motherhood, sounds like a dream. But it is often a struggle for those caught in the middle. Instead, you must focus on what is most important. Don’t compare yourself to other working moms or men who are excelling in their careers.

Understand that you are doing what is best for your family and career even if it looks a little different from everyone else.

About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including finance and the workplace.