Are Your #Sales and #Marketing Efforts on the Same Page?

marketing_savingsDo you know the difference between sales and marketing?

If not, here’s a good analogy: sales is telling you that a new car can go 160 miles per hour. Marketing is telling you why you need to go 160 miles per hour.

These two concepts and specialties often go hand-in-hand, and understanding the role of both can help your business go further. Unfortunately, many business owners put sales and marketing into the same basket.

This may be due to a lack of understanding regarding the distinct roles of each team. In addition, the public often confuse sales with marketing, and vice versa, because the distinction has not been made clear.

As a result, business owners often end up wasting time, money, and hiring the wrong people for the wrong positions because they are just as clueless.

Collaboration is the Key

Collaborating your sales and marketing team is the key to success. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but combined, they are an unstoppable force … if collaboration is done the right way.

In the article, “Thought Leader Series: Sales and Marketing: Collaboration for the Best Results,” the author discusses how working on your own, or within your own team, can lead to a loss of vision for the company overall.

Instead of just looking at sales or just looking at marketing, the two teams need to come together as one in order to achieve the common vision of the business.

The sales team needs to know what the marketing team is up to first, and then your sales professionals can be unleashed to bring in customers.

How the Two Marry Together

When thinking about joining your sales force and your marketing force, consider that they can no exist without one another. Your sales team relies on your marketing team to talk about the product o service.

In turn, your marketing team relied on your sales force to sell the product. Both need one another. The marketing team finds ways to get the product or service in front on the consumer in order to generate leads.

The sales team convinces leads to make a purchase based on the information the consumer has received from the marketing side.

This is why the two work in tandem and why it’s so important for your company to place a focus on teamwork.

About the Author: Andrew Rusnak is an author who writes on topics that includes marketing technologies and sales strategies.