3 Signs You Desperately Need Help With Your Business

Regardless of what kind of experience you have in the world of business, there will be times when you need a little outside assistance. There is no shame in this – it’s just part and parcel of the process of building an empire. But it is important to be able to recognise when you need help, and to have the strength of resolve to ask for that help at the right time, and from the right people. These in themselves are surprisingly tricky things to get right, and can take as much practice and devotion as any other aspect of business. The first step, of course, is to recognise when you need help in the first place.


You Are Spending Too Much Time On Non-Essential Tasks

If you find that you are routinely spending a lot of your day to day time on non-essential tasks, then it might be worth getting someone to help you with those tasks. By non-essential here, we don’t mean that they are not important for the running of your business, but that they do not directly involve your service, or your relationship to your customer. For example, you might be running a law firm, in which case you want to spend as much time as possible actually helping your clients. In this case, you will probably want to outsource your marketing, as marketing for law firms can take up a lot of time and energy – which you could be spending on your clients.

Your Sales Are Dropping For No Apparent Reason

One of the most distressing things which can happen in business is when your sales are declining and you can’t even tell why. When this happens, it often has a way of causing a significant amount of despair, and it can be one of the quickest ways for entrepreneurs to become disillusioned with their own organizations. If this starts happening to your business, the first step is to consider getting a consultant on board. It might be that their expertise – or just the fact of having an extra pair of eyes – will help you to identify the inherent problems in your business. You can then face those problems head-on, and so get your business back on track in good time.


You Have Had An Influx Of Customers

Or, it could be the exact opposite situation: having many customers come to you all at once. Whether it is the result of good marketing, or just chance, having a sudden influx of customers is good news, but also a potentially very stressful time for you and your business. If this happens, one of your main objectives will be to bring some people on board to help you patiently and politely deal with those extra customers. You really want to get this right – succeeding at a time like this is a sure sign of a business that will stay around for a long time yet.

Getting help with your business is often the most sensible approach to take, and there is real value in learning when to do so, and when you can cope on your own.

10 Non-Verbal Gestures and Movements That Can Make or Break a Sale

There’s the old saying that first impressions are everything. But have you ever thought that what you don’t say to people is as important as what you do say? Verbal gestures can convey a number of different things—some good, some bad—that become important to relationships with new or returning clients.

The handshake, of course, is something that might come to mind for many people. Firm, but not too firm, direct, and with an eye gaze—all help to convey confidence and positivity. In fact, most of the little gestures that matter are so small that they become a problem when they’re missing: When they’re performed as we expect, we don’t even notice they’re there. That includes slouching or even directing your gaze away from the person that’s talking or that’s your prospect. All convey disinterest and lack of respect.

Need a refresher course on non-verbals? Use this graphic.

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Stop Cutting Costs! Increase Your Income Instead

When profit margins are slim, most businesses decide the best course of action is to cut costs. They limit their expenditure, trim their budget, and try to spend less and less. However, this isn’t always the best option. Instead, you should focus on increasing your income instead. How can you do this? Just look at these three ideas for inspiration:


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Make As Much Money From Advertising As Possible

Advertising revenue is one of the best secondary sources of income for business. It helps keep your income ticking over, and can present huge profits come to the end of the year. The key is ensuring you make as much money from adverts as possible. How? By monetizing as much as you can. Get ads on your website, ads on your mobile app, you should even have a separate blog site and get ads on that too! One brilliant idea is to start a YouTube channel and monetize it. You can earn some serious revenue through YouTube, and it will dramatically increase your income. Plus, there’s the added benefit of helping reel in new customers and broaden your appeal with a YouTube channel too. The bottom line is that you must take advantage of ad revenue and use it to boost your income in any way possible.

Sell Gift Cards

Gift cards are a brilliant way you can boost your income without having to come up with a crazy new product idea. With a gift card, someone can spend money and get a car that they can only use with your business. Most people buy these for friends and family as a present on birthday or Christmas. They’re convenient, and benefit you in that you have one extra thing to sell and gain money from. It’s easy to get gift cards printing done and have some cards that look great and follow your business design ethos. Also, gift cards are brilliant for bringing new customers to your store too. A loyal customer might buy their friend a gift card, meaning they have to buy things to spend the money, a real win-win for you.


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Start Selling ‘Add-Ons.’

A great way to boost your income is by selling add-ons along with your main products. What this refers to are any additional things that can be sold to go with your main products. For example, phone companies sell smartphones, then they have loads of accessories like cases, headphones, chargers, etc. Look at your product and figure out what things you can sell to compliment them and provide something more for the customer. That’s the key with these items, they need to enhance someone’s purchase. A customer needs to feel like their main purchase is made better by getting an add-on as well. The good thing is, these items are usually much cheaper than your main products, which helps entice customers while keeping your income ticking over.

Focus on improving your income, and you’ll see larger profit margins without having to make sacrifices and cutting your budget.

If you’re looking for advice on how you can boost your personal income, then we’ve written a guide on that for you to enjoy too!

Lead United: Leadership Skills For A Top-Scoring Team



The very best sales teams can feel the pressure on occasion. The world is littered with targets and performance tools, and these can contribute to a lack of productivity, rather than aid it. People will feel the tension in different ways, and with some people, it can help them by giving that adrenaline and kick that they need, others can crumble. The one thing that can make a difference to a team is its leader. The manager of a group of people can dictate, or they can guide. The leader of a team is the barometer, people will look to that person for praise and encouragement, and there are many line-managers that don’t have the right touch, and will inadvertently cause low morale. Where do you, as a leader, begin to give your team the right type of push?

Communicate Consistently

Communicating the vision of the team is one way to reinforce the purpose. By doing this, it keeps people clear in the knowledge of what their end-product is. By making sure that each person in the team knows their own individual role and what their own goal is in relation to the bigger picture. This will instill not only purpose but focus in each part of the machine. Each team member should be able to see the vision set out reflected in the decisions you make as a team leader, and the vision should be connected to their own goals. Transparency in an organization is the valuable trait to inspiring employees and helping them to understand their part in the whole company.

Work On Developing Talent

Mentoring and feedback are something that can be lost in the midst of targets and goals. While it is an important aspect of a business to monitor the productivity of a member of staff, using their “numbers” as a reason to make them work harder is not enough. This is where the power of “why” comes into play. By asking opinions and perspectives of a situation, this will get you to the core of a person. Their attitudes and behavior is key to understanding how they work as an individual. Speak to them and see what the underlying issue is. As leaders, we are so focused on the short-term tasks that we neglect the long-term ones, and our employees are a long-term investment. We need to see if there is a fundamental skill they may need to brush up on. There is sales team performance enablement software that can be used to develop employees, from providing training to using systems to help make peoples’ jobs easier, and by using the right tools in conjunction with the development of talent; it is working to make a better workforce all round.

Express Your Gratitude

On a personal level, expressing your gratitude for a person’s work will really help to bolster performance. You are making them feel valued, and this will translate into a better working attitude. It is easy to give a pizza to your team as thanks, but personal and heartfelt appreciation will last much longer.




Psyche! Learn Some Consumer Psychology to Increase Your Sales



Psychology is an important thing to consider in business. After all, potential consumers are all people with psyches! Here, we’re going to take a look at the psychological aspects of consumer decisions. These are the things you need to pay attention to as you do business.


People love friendly people. Well, except miserable people who aren’t all that into sociability. If your business appears friendly, then a consumer is more likely to want to engage with you. People are more aware than ever about the corrupt doings of many businesses. There are several out there who don’t want to be complicit in that. When you show yourself to be an ethical and friendly company, people will be compelled to support you.




Commitment and consistency are signs of a strong character. The chances are that you like to see those traits in people. And it’s the sort of behavior that consumers want to see from a company. In a way, they want you to be a little predictable. They want to know how you’ll respond to a given query. They want to know how you’d respond in a particular crisis. Being consistent in your practices will give your consumers more confidence in you.

Attention spans

People say that this generation has atrocious attention spans. Technically, our attention spans really aren’t any worse than they’ve ever been. But because there’s so much distraction out there, it’s actually more difficult to stay focused on any given thing. This is more a consequence of the Internet and commercial industries than it is a flaw of the new generation’s character. The fact is that you’ve got to keep the attention of your consumers. One of the best ways of doing this is by remaining active on social media. Contact a social media specialist if you want to know more.




People expect you to brag about how amazing your products and services are. But do you know what really gets their interest piqued? When you admit your flaws. If you do it right, you can actually highlight your positive attributes. Honesty, a sense of humor, an understanding about the importance of quality… All of these things can be displayed with the right “honest ad”. The classic “lemon” ad from Volkswagen was a fantastic early example of this.


We love to feel special. It boosts our self-esteem. Anyone familiar with the Maslow pyramid knows that self-esteem is extremely important for most people. Self-esteem is often boosted with a feeling of uniqueness, of exclusivity. This is why you’ll get adverts or content that is proudly “not for everyone”. Of course, when you make a consumer feel like they’re getting exclusive treatment, you generally have to commit to that. If you treat everyone like they’re getting exclusive treatment, your plan will eventually unravel!




Fear, uncertainty, and doubt. If you sow the seeds of any of these within a consumer, you may compel them to make certain decisions. Of course, it’s often nowhere near as ominous as it sounds. In this sphere, it’s usually nothing more than taking some shots at the competition and making consumers doubt them instead of you. Beyond that, you should probably leave fearmongering to the politicians and the media.

Success Or Failure? Here’s How To Tell How Well Your New Business Is Performing

As a new business owner, there is only one thing that you will be interested in – how well is your business doing? Of course, there are other things that you need to be focused on as well. But ultimately, the performance of your company needs to be your number one priority. At least until you start to make a good profit.



Unfortunately, the success of a new business can be very difficult to measure. Especially in the first year or so. This is because your company may not be bringing in a lot of money, even if it is doing very well. Part of creating a company is taking the time to build it from scratch. And this means making a profit is going to take some time. So how exactly do you tell just how well your business is doing if your profits aren’t a good sign? Here are some of the best signs to look out for.



You Are On The First Page Of Google Results

Next time you have a minute, do a quick Google search for keywords that relate to your business. Take a look at the list of the results. Can you see your business listed on the first page? If so, then that is one sign that your business is performing well. If not, there are some quick ways to improve this. You just need to work on your site’s SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means the more SEO-ready your website is, the higher it will creep up through Google’s results. There are various ways to improve this. Firstly, start adding lots of keywords into your blog posts and website copy. You should also make sure that you are linking to lots of relevant websites in your copy as well.



You Know Exactly Where You’re Going

All businesses need a plan to help guide themselves through the coming years. As a business owner, you need to know this plan inside out. You need to make sure that your plan is guiding you in the right direction. That is one small but important sign that your website is running exactly as planned. But to really optimize your success, your watertight business plan needs to include a budget. That way, you can see exactly where your money is coming from over the next few years. It can also help you plan how that money will be spent, which can help you stop yourself going over budget. Once you and your managers are happy with your business plan and know it off by heart, then that is one step in the direction of success.

You Focus On Efficiency

Sure, you need to make sure that your sales are always increasing so that your profits improve. But this shouldn’t be your only focus. In fact, your main focus should be on the efficiency of your company. Focusing only on sales can narrow your company’s potential. Whereas focusing on efficiency can help you expand in a number of areas. So how do you ensure your business is as efficient as it could be? Firstly, make sure your IT systems are all up to scratch so that they aren’t a hindrance to your team. If you aren’t too sure whether your IT network and systems could do with updating, you can always contact specialist firms for a full review.



Clients Come To You

In the first year or so of your company, you will have to reach out to potential clients. That is why networking is so important for small business owners! By continually reaching out to new clients, you are being proactive in increasing your sales and profits. However, there will come a time when you no longer have to actively look for new clients. Instead, they will come to you. Once you have a client sign up to your business who has found you on their own, then you can be happy knowing that you have finally cracked it.



You Can Adapt To New Business Opportunities

One main issue that faces many new businesses is that they are unable to adapt to adapt to new business opportunities when they arise. For example, a client who uses you for one service may ask you if you are also able to carry out some different work for them. As many small businesses do not have the internal structures in place to allow them to adapt to new work, they are unable to take on the new projects. This puts them at a disadvantage, as they have to let this extra money go to another company. One you can take on any work requests from your current clients, you know that you are a successful business. After all, you are now able to adapt to whatever anyone throws at you!



You Realize You’re Not Alone

As a small business owner, you may often feel slightly isolated and on your own. During the first few months of running a business, many company owners worry that the problems they face only affect them. They find it hard to see how other companies will face the same problems. After a few months, once the teething problems are other, you won’t be so bothered about the various worries you have. That’s because you will finally realize that all business owners are affected them in fact. Once you realize that other business owners have the same problems as you, you won’t feel quite as isolated. And you can be happy knowing that your company is doing just as well, if not better, than all the others in the market!

Your Customers Start Referring You

Word of mouth is one of the best things for companies. After all, it is completely free marketing! Once you find out that customers have been referring your company to their friends and relatives, you know that you have finally made it. However, this can also work out badly for you if your customers did not have a good experience with your business. In this case, they may end up giving your business bad reviews and warning their friends and family about using your services. So ensure that your customer satisfaction is always extremely high. That way, you will know that any word of mouth and online reviews about your company are always going to be full of praise. Once you start to hear that your customers have been telling people good things about you, you can be happy that your business is a success!



You Are Able To Bounce Back

All businesses will go through low points at some point in their life. But not all of them will be able to bounce back after going through such a difficult period. You will want your business to recover, right? Then you know that you are financially stable and have the means and resources necessary to give things another go. By defying the odds and bringing your business back from the brink, you can then make sure you improve your services. And create a much healthier company. Turn this negative experience into a positive one by learning from it and taking away some important business lessons.

As you can see, the success of a business isn’t just about how much money you make. All of the above points are all important factors that contribute to the success as well. Once you can tick off all of the above, you can be happy knowing that your company is a big success!


Is There A Best Kept Secret For Brilliant Sales?


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Every company is looking for the ultimate secret of how to ensure that customers keep buying. The sales always rise, and the money continues to pour in. That’s what you want, isn’t it? That is your ultimate goal. Well, I’m afraid to tell you that there isn’t a best kept secret of how to get the best sales. There are just a few basic guidelines you need to follow that will get your business to a brilliant level of success. Are you ready to get started?

Style Is Everything

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling on or offline, your presentation needs to be on point. You can’t afford any slip-ups here. If your business site doesn’t look amazing online, customers are going to click away before they make a sale. If your shop looks out of style, you’ll get very few customers walking through the door. There’s no guaranteed way to ensure that your business looks stylish. The best option is to hire a designed to sort this out for you. If you’re working online, you can hire a web designer, and if you’re in the real world, an interior designer is your greatest ally. But even they make mistakes. You need to know how to connect the design of your business to the message you want your company to send.

All The Ways To Buy

Don’t just give customers one source for purchases, make sure they have multiple options. If there’s one thing that analysts have learned watching the market over the years, it’s that customers like choices. They want their decisions to be in their hands, and this includes how they make purchases. They want to be able to decide between buying on credit or debit. With a merchant services account, you will be able to accept credit card purchases in your business. That’s crucial, particularly if you are selling expensive services or products. Not everyone will be able to afford a straight up sale. Online, you should be offering customers multiple ways to purchase from a buy button on Twitter to a fun and easy to use app. The more options you give them, the more sales you’ll receive.

Excellent Service

Don’t forget about the quality of your service. For an online business, this is easy to arrange and establish. I suggest that you ensure your website is fast and easy to navigate. You should be hosting the site to ensure there are no speed or accessibility issues. Remember, a customer only has to click on once and find they can’t access the site for you to lose their business. Offline, it’s all about the employees you have hired. Customers won’t be interacting with you personally. Instead, they’ll be talking to your employees. Their service needs to be impeccable, and they must always recognise the power of consumer opinion.

Ahead Of The Curve

Last but not least, you should always be looking for ways to improve your business. Try to profit from new ideas that have entered the market. For instance, recently shops are allowing customers to make purchases as they walk around the store. The aim of this is to make it more like buying online. If you own a large retail store, you may want to look into this possibility.


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