Can You Book Success with Capturing Life’s Events?

writeLife goes by quickly; make work and life memories accessible to generations by documenting them in a book.

Your book doesn’t need to be a bestseller. It just has to be good at communicating your message, whatever that it.

Here are two work and life events that are worth writing down and memorializing in book form.

History of Your Company

Many of the largest brands go way back in time. Instead of resigning yourself to a brief passage on the company website, why not give honor to the founding fathers of the company?

A book of this kind could be given as a free gift to employees or distributed to the public to help build brand reputation.

To assemble, gather as many photographs as you can of the founders of the company. Make sure to include photographs of them as they interacted with family members or relaxed during their leisure hours.

Photographs that show them in their non-work hours will help to humanize them so readers can get a better sense of who they were as a person, not just as a businessman.

Next, hire a writer to help pen the book. You will need to provide the writer with as much information as possible about the story of the company.

You may also need to schedule several meetings with the writer to keep the end result on point, and to confirm and verify the parts that have already been written.

Next, work with a graphic designer to marry the images and text together in a pleasing format. Before you finalize the copy, have a proofreader go over everything, including photo captions.

Use either the graphic designer or a separate creative artist to develop a pleasing cover for the book.

Avoid Legal Issues

Before sending the book to the publisher, run the final copy through your company lawyer.

You don’t want to be held liable for any false or misleading information about your company history. The company lawyer is the best person to review the final contents for historical accuracy.

Finally, you can send it to a print-on-demand book publisher to have copies printed up. Print-on-demand publishers have package deals, or you can order books one at a time, on an as-needed basis.

Birth of a Child

The birth of a child is an event that is life changing and important to families. You can help future generations to see their families in the context of history by having a book made about the events surrounding the baby’s birth.

A book like this is best done by the parents themselves, as they are the ones with access to the details that will be included in the book.

As the following article looks at, this can certainly be one of 3 life events worth turning into a book.

If you have an employee who is expectant, a baby book would make a wonderful gift. Print-on-demand publishers can issue you a gift card, which your employee and spouse can use to have their very own unique baby book printed.

Company books can be used in a variety of ways to help build reputation, expand the corporate message, and even be used as a way to improve corporate culture.

Whether it is for business or pleasure, compiling life’s events in a book can be both rewarding and a lifetime of memories.

About the Author: Kate Supino writes about marketing and best business practices.