Job Boards Make Their Pitch for the Best Candidates

talented_candidateJob boards continue to be a mainstay for both companies looking to hire, and candidates seeking employment.

With so much competition within the recruiting landscape, how is it that job boards are holding their place with more than 40% of hiring activity taking place on them?

Here are some of the reasons why job boards continue to lure some of the more qualified candidates and the employers who need them….

  1. They Automate the Searching

Job boards are set up for automation.

When candidates input their information into fields and upload their digitized resumes, it makes it easy for the backend software to categorize and filter results for employers.

Recruiters can then input their own search terms and be presented with a list of matches that are actually rated for them.

Candidates may be rated as 100% matches, excellent matches or other, which results in a short list that happened almost virtually without any work by the hiring employer.

This is a great improvement over other hiring centers like social media, where the employer needs to make a great many decisions and filter candidates for them.

As the article, “4 Reasons Job Boards Continue to Lure Quality Candidates” notes, job boards have a major role in bringing in top-notch applicants.

  1. They Remain Current

In the past, when a candidate dropped off their paper resume to an organization, the papers would have been filed until a job opening occurred.

When a vacancy did appear, the resumes would then be sifted through for qualified candidates, but by then, many of those job seekers would have already found employment.

Job boards, on the other hand, always remain current.

After a candidate uploads their resume, they usually have the option of reporting their status as “currently seeking,” “under contract,” or “no longer seeking.” This allows them to keep their information on record, but to no longer receive job offers that they won’t be interested in.

On the flip side, employers can keep their job offers current, taking down job postings that have been filled, or instantly uploading new vacancy notifications.

  1. They Save on Footwork

Job candidates love job boards because they can actively and intensely search for jobs from the comfort of their own homes.

There’s no hunting down companies, knocking on doors or making awkward phone calls to friends asking if they know anyone who is hiring.

When times are tough and a person is unemployed, it’s comforting to know there are so many possibilities right at their fingertips.

  1. Searches are Private

If a person becomes unemployed, they can rely on job boards to give them thousands of employment options; some of which may fall outside their career description.

A candidate may be willing to accept a lower paying job or one that they don’t necessarily want to advertise to friends or family, simply to get through a tough financial time.

Job board searches are private and they don’t discriminate against seekers who are willing to set aside higher career goals in order to keep the lights on.

About the Author: Kate Supino writes about recruiting and the job market.