Nurses are Lifeline for Patients

As any nurse can tell you, their days can vary from relatively stressful to downright stressful.

Through all of the stress, however, most nurses would not change their jobs for anything in the world.

The idea of helping other people is why many women and some men got into the field in the first place.

That said it is always important that nurses deliver the best care, even if that means keeping some of their opinions to themselves.

Whether it is a medical opinion or even a personal one involving the patient they are treating, sticking to doing what is asked of them should always be the top priority.

Nurses are Lifeline for Patients

While doctors oftentimes get all the credit for helping fix what is wrong with patients, it is typically the nurses who prove to be the unsung heroes.

Through the time and effort that nurses put into their jobs, they deal with the patient on a much broader scale than doctors do. That being the case; nurses will oftentimes engage in more dialogue with patients than the practicing physician will.

So, how can nurses effectively do their jobs and avoid injecting too much opinion into each and every case?

Among the ways:

  • Avoid judging – In order to maintain cultural competency in a nursing practice, nurses should make sure they do not judge any patient who comes through the doors of a medical clinic or hospital. Yes, some patients will be downright difficult to deal with the moment they set foot inside a facility. Whether it is biases of their own or just the fact they do not want to be there, they will not prove to be the most cooperative of patients. For the nurse, she or he must put aside any prejudgments they might have of any particular stereotype; instead working to do what is best for the individual in need of medical assistance. While it is probably a safe bet that most nurses can do this, those who find this to be a challenge must work on improving how they interact with patients, yes, even the difficult ones;
  • Understand cultures – What is viewed as commonsense medicine here in the West may be viewed totally different halfway around the globe. As a result, nurses here must be able to understand the mindset of someone coming to an American facility for treatment that is of a totally different culture. He or she is only acting out in the way that they know from their upbringing, so avoid treating them like any less of an individual. Language barriers can oftentimes get in the way of a patient being able to communicate with his or her medical team, so avoid becoming frustrated with the individual if you can’t fully understand their needs;
  • Second-guessing doctors – One other area for nurses to steer clear of is second-guessing doctor recommendations. Yes, it has been shown all too often that some doctors made the wrong calls when it came to treatment recommendations for their patients. That said nurses must avoid questioning the doctor, especially in front of a patient. Keep in mind that the patient is already likely anxious given being in a medical clinic or hospital, so he or she doesn’t want to see various medical personnel having a heated exchange over the best procedural advice to make this patient get better sooner rather than later. While items like this should be discussed during one’s nursing education, it does not hurt to cover such subjects on occasion on a regular basis.

With all the responsibilities that are given to nurses on a daily basis nationwide, anything less than respect for these hard-working individuals is wrong.

Without the services nurses provide, hospitals and medical clinics would have a hard time existing.

It is because of the devoted nurses all across America that millions of patients come to a medical facility, only to go home better than when they first came in.

For nurses, the goal is to continue not only the physical side of their jobs, but all the mental aspects that go with it.

One of those mental aspects is making sure one leaves any biases or judgments at home 

About the Author: Dave Thomas covers business topics on the web.