Six Food Startups to Look out For This Year

The artisan food industry is a growing field. Within the last few years, independent food startups have been gaining popularity within the food industry, as there has been a growing interest from consumers in supporting organic, artisan food businesses.

With health concerns on the rise, more and more people have a vested interest in what they are putting into their body, making a more conscious effort to eat local, farm-to-table, organic foods. With more and more research springing up about the ill-effects of harmful pesticides and foods laden with chemicals and other unnatural ingredients, the market has never been more ripe for independent food startups.

Six Food Startups to Look out For This Year

Here are the six startups to look out for this year:

  1. Hampton Creek Foods

As one of the world’s fastest growing food startups, Hampton Creek is a company that specializes in a few products, including their widely popular Just Mayo, Just Cookie Dough, and Just Cookies, which use plant-based products in place of eggs. These products are made with wholesome ingredients that are both nutritious yet also incredibly satisfying. Hampton Creek’s mission is worth noting, as they aim to offer consumers healthy yet affordable products. In today’s culture where organic, healthy foods are often twice the price of other ingredients, Hampton is paving a way for all consumers to have a chance at eating something convenient and nutritious without spending an excessive amount of money.

  1. Modern Meadows

This unique company founded by CEO Andras Forgacs, is known for the way in which they process their foods. Modern Meadows is interesting an interesting company, because they are a biotech startup that is making both beef and leather products without harming animals. While there are skeptics behind the idea, as it seems almost too good to be true, Modern Meadows has received funding in order to keep researching this process, as for many, it would be amazing to be able to eat animal products without actually harming them.

  1. Beyond Meat

This startup company, founded by Ethan Brown and Brent Taylor, uses plant-based proteins to make healthy alternatives to traditional meat. Beyond Meat is trying to reduce the world’s dependency upon animal products by offering people viable alternatives, including their chicken-free strips and beef-free crumbles, which are the company’s two most popular products. Nutrition is at the core of their mission, and creating meat alternatives that are still filled with protein shows their dedication to giving consumers feasible options for healthy and protein-filled meals.

  1. Six Foods

This company, founded by Harvard grads, uses insects in their foods, as they have found that insect-based foods are a healthier alternative to other snacks. Their most popular products are their Chirp Chips, which are made with a cricket flour. This alternative to traditional chips is far more sustainable and healthier, as these Chirp Chips have nearly twice as much protein and almost half the amount of fat. Their unusual method has generated quite a bit of interest from critics and proponents alike. The publicity they have received, though, have given them the opportunity to provide consumers with a healthy, albeit unusual, alternative to snacking.

  1. Kite Hill

These artisanal cheese products are non-dairy, giving vegans the opportunity to experience cheese alternatives that are as rich and creamy as the real thing while also offering a nutritious product. Made with either macadamia milk, cashew milk, or almond milk, these vegan cheeses leave the processed products behind by only using all-natural ingredients. This dairy-free alternative allows people the opportunity to have something as tasty as the real thing while also keeping it as natural and nutritious as possible.

  1. UNREAL Candy

This company is creating healthier, more sustainable candy options. Typically, traditional candy bars are filled with corn syrup, other GMO products, and more often than not, gluten. UNREAL Candy, on the other hand, uses ingredients like palm oil and other healthier alternatives to offer consumers a more natural treat.

All of these startup companies are transforming the food industry by offering consumers products that are filled with natural, more nutritious ingredients that to only are healthier alternatives, but also, more often than not, allergy-friendly.

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About the Author: Dave Thomas writes about business and marketing topics on the web.