Sit At Home Or Sit In The Office? Weighing Up Where To Go For The Benefits Of Your Business

Home working has its positives in many different aspects. If you’re running a business, then It can be argued that there are positives to working in an office environment. When it comes to the employees perspective, working from home can have more positives than working in the office. From a startup point of view does it have any impact on the business? Weigh up the pros and cons between home working and working in an office environment. Which one do you go for? Here we will lay out both aspects and see which works best for your business.




It is far easier to maintain productivity in an office environment because you are closer to your employees. You can make more efficient contact with them, as they are in the vicinity. When it comes to staffing in the workplace, it is easier to exert authority over your staff. But this depends on the environment in which you operate and what kind of boss you are. If you are an employer that likes to rule with an “iron fist”, then working in an office environment will be suitable to your needs.

Working from home from an employee’s perspective has benefits with regards to business cost. From a startup perspective, finances are easier to maintain, but the communication is limited with regards to your staff because they’re not on site. Ultimately, productivity is something that needs to be maintained, and this can be achieved.

So how can this be achieved? There are ways to improve communication with home workers using contemporary technology. For example, the VoIP system Is something that is used in many businesses now. It is a phone system that connects to the Internet.  This saves you money as you don’t need to install a phone line in your office. The benefits of having this system include access to home workers through their cell phones. So, connectivity and communication are at its fullest. However, this does rely on being in an area that has good internet connectivity. If you do not have this, then it can cause issues.

As far as maintaining productivity for your business is concerned, it is something you need to weigh up.



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As an employer, this needs to be something that is high on your priorities. Having employees work from home is a great way to conserve finances for your business. But, as previously mentioned they are a divide between the employee and employer so this can be an issue concerning business cohesion.

It can be argued that productivity will increase if an office environment is more workable, such as the layout of the office or the morale of the staff. If you are looking to improve the layout of your office, look online at websites like But this is something you need to think about and if it has a detrimental effect on your workforce.

Productivity and finances are two sides to the same coin when it comes to business.  Look carefully at which one you need to focus on at this moment in time.