How to Build an Effective Shopping Cart for Your eCommerce Site

How much has the internet changed the way that you sell to your customers? If you’re like many companies, you probably started to take advantage of e-commerce as soon as you could, either by selling your whole line of products or services or by offering internet-only merchandise.
But whatever way you’re taking advantage of e-commerce, there are things that remain unknowable to you. For example, do you really know how many people get as far as loading things into a virtual shopping cart, only to abandon that potential sale? Some estimates place that number as high as 70 percent.
While there are a variety of reasons for abandoning an e-commerce site—some of which may have nothing to do with you—there are some website pitfalls that can make a retail sale via the internet more difficult. To learn more about how to optimize your site and move the needle to more e-commerce sales, not less, use the ideas in this graphic.

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How to Build an Effective Shopping Cart for Your eCommerce Site