5 Ninja Tactics to Get a High-Paying Technology Job!

Technology world is exploding with newer solutions emerging every fortnight leaving the aspirants clueless about which technology to learn to get a suitable technology job. However different consultants suggest different technology domains, which is confusing and stressing for the candidates as they have potential, but they have no idea where to utilize it.

This blog is rather an attempt to guide all those aspirants who wish to succeed in the technology domain. Currently the market is talking about these technologies, which we will have a look at in ascending order:

Data Science: The Hottest Domain

Forbes has described Data Science as the sexiest job of 21st century. The people who wish to become analysts, machine learning experts, artificial intelligence professionals, this field is for them. The most important part is that, learning Data Science concepts do not require the candidate have a technology background. In fact, anyone who has knowledge of mathematics and statistics can become a data scientist and recruited by top MNCs in absolutely no time. The reason behind this increasing demand is that companies need innovative strategies to survive the war between companies over coming up with something new each time, which gets tougher when the product and segment is same. Analyzing the market trends, recognizing the patterns and coming up with something that has not happened before, helps the companies change the game.

Big Data: The Holy Grail for Techies

Usually the candidates who are fresh graduates having knowledge of coding and testing, Big Data is the most sought-after domain for them. The reason behind this trend is that most of them have a good knowledge of Java, JavaScript, C, C#, etc. Since all the big data frameworks are written in programming languages having the feature of standard input/output. So any programming language having this functionality can be used to learn big data technologies. Moreover it is time for the aspiring developers to come out of their comfort zones and learn something that is innovative and progressive too.

Cloud Computing: Trending Now!

You cannot certainly deny the fact that everything is stored in the cloud nowadays. Google drive is one of the most popular private cloud used by people in daily life. Ranging from mail to spreadsheet, to documents and analytics everything can be dome in the cloud. This is just the perspective of common tools used by people like us. Think about the kind of tools used by companies. Whether it is a platform, an infrastructure, or software, everything is turned into a service, which is a revolution in the digital world. This is one of the most trending technologies presently and learning it will definitely take your career to a whole new level. Companies like Microsoft and AWS are the biggest vendors of cloud.

Business Intelligence: Brightest future!

Analytics is the crux behind all the business decisions and strategic moves. With the shrinking timeline and increasing pressure, businesses are bound to respond instantly which mandates the use of real-time analytics. SAS, SAP, Tableau, QlikView, Spotfire, etc., are widely known BI solutions used by the top MNCs to analyze the bulks of raw data and convert it into a meaningful pattern of information. Ranging from gathering data from various sources, converting it into a supported format, analyzing the data and creating interactive reports are the major operations performed by Business Analysts. Learning it today will help you get job tomorrow!

Software Programming: Evergreen Domain!

Programming is the safest jobs of all times. Other domains emerge and become obsolete as soon as companies get accustomed, but programming is the domain which is always in demand. Programming languages like Java, Python, R programming, C, C#, PHP, etc., have been heavily used by the companies to create softwares and are still the preferred language by the developers. Mastering at least two to three languages will open huge opportunities for you in all the sectors and you can earn like hell.

Though all I described are the Ninja Tactics, it is all of your effort that brings the output. Definitely smart work is required, but hard work is what pays you at the end. So make a wise decision about your career today and grab top-dollar jobs tomorrow!

Author Bio :

Sonal Maheshwari has 6 years of corporate experience in various technology platforms such as Big Data, Data Science, Salesforce, Digital Marketing, CRM, SQL, JAVA, Oracle, etc. She has worked for MNCs like Wenger & Watson Inc, CMC LIMITED, EXL Services Ltd., and Cognizant. She is a technology nerd and loves contributing to various open platforms through blogging. She is currently in association with a leading professional training provider, Intellipaat Software Solutions and strives to provide knowledge to aspirants and professionals through personal blogs, research, and innovative ideas.