3 #Cryptocurrency Trends for 2019

Ever since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon that gave rise to countless cryptocurrencies in many different forms and structures. Based on digital ledgers that verify and authorize transactions, the crypto coins phenomenon experienced both highs and lows in its value levels, protection features, and ROI. But on April 2nd, the new crypto bull market started ending the long bear market decline.

Here are some cryptocurrency trends you can expect to see in 2019:

Innovative trends

Some cryptocurrencies are building their value through extraordinary innovations. Factom with its blockchain technology of writing unchangeable data. The concept originated in 2014, built on top of the Bitcoin project. When something is saved on Factom, it is saved forever, protected and doesn’t require verification.

It offers original records of copy, as a record of data, that can be trusted and is always verified. Built for complex industries with a lot of data, its goal is to become a top provider of blockchain data source solutions. Factoid acts as its currency when investors trade it. Factom remains to be an interesting application of crypto coins that will continue to grow.

Second innovation comes from Eric Alexandre. He founded Jetcoin Institute in 2014 and does what he understands best – dealing with rising talents and stars. He discovered a process to give fandom of stars and athletes a chance to participate in their success. 

People can choose a star from Alexandre’s pool of ‘Jetcoin talent’. As talent becomes successful, so do its investors. ‘Jetcoin talent’ pool includes the Real Madrid athlete Marcelo Vieira, the Manchester United’s star athlete, Luiz Roza Fernandinho and Burmese rising fashion talent and celebrity, May Myat Noe.

Jetcoin’s approach to finding an innovative and smart way for fans to benefit from their fandom and loyalty in a celebrity. Fans invest in their image rights by buying a crypto token called JET. The value of that particular token rises as star reaches success. This became a smart path for awarding fans while aspiring stars gain recognition in the process.

As it fresh and innovative solution, its size and status continue to grow. The partnership with the Lagardère Sports Group in 2018 marketed the brands’ image and they also signed a deal with Prime sports Rights, to represent Vieira and Fernandinho.

The rise of stable coins

Since the inception of cryptocurrencies, numerous traditional investors both doubted and praised them. Whether it’s because of numerous scams and cyber attacks or a lack of centralized distribution, different experts put their skills to use and created cryptocurrencies that are no longer bothered by such issues. In order to provide for institutional investors viable crypto opportunities.

Anchor AG represents a stable cryptocurrency built to improve and maintain the value of holdings – pegged to the value of the global economy while secured with a safety net made from multiple pillars. 

It is created as a two-token system consisting of:

  • The Dock Token – a system utility token implemented to enable system stability.
  • The Anchor Coin –the system’s currency and payment token.

Stable coins are trying to address the fundamental problems in the crypto economy – how to stabilize the value of a cryptocurrency, lessen its volatility, prevent devaluation and preserve monetary value over time. Although stable coins aren’t crypto coins per se, they can become a bridge between fiat and cryptocurrency, as they can act as collateral in order to cushion tense market elements.  

Ripple will become a new Bitcoin

Here are the essentials. Institutional investors, as in our first cryptocurrency trend outlined above, have problems with choosing the right cryptocurrency since they follow the principle of ‘high risk low reward’.

But when looking at ten cryptocurrencies with the biggest market cap, the following can be assumed:

Institutions with investing power will probably put the highest level of trust in Ripple and XRP token, and Bitcoin and Ethereum as their entourage. Why is there this increased interest in Ripple? Well, unlike other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin, Ripple or XRP also acts as a payment system which can be integrated into financial institutions operations like when banks transfer funds. Also, this payment system/cryptocurrency synergy doesn’t need third party authorization which simplifies peer-to-peer transactions.

Ripple elements like RippleNet and xRapid will lead to its increased value in 2019. As Ripple gets more active with institutions and partners, its traction will continue to rise. The demand for it will also become bigger, making it a probable investment for both big and small investors alike. 

But only if all assumptions made about Ripple in 2019 become true – Ripple’s continued expansion without going for revenue to reach network effects, Ripple’s tech solutions converging and using XRP and institutional money going dominantly to Ripple’s XRP token.

Increased investments in blockchain technologies and low-price volatility will also influence this year’s cryptocurrency market. As the market becomes safer opportunities will rise and risks will become smaller. Added laws and regulations will prevent future frauds. However, always properly research any potential coin you wish to invest in.

Guest Author, Raul Harman, s a B.Sc. in Innovative entrepreneurship and has a lot to say about innovations in all aspects of digital technology and online marketing.  While he’s not enjoying travel, football and great food, you can find him on Technivorz.com.