Transporting Products? 4 Ways to Ensure Your Trucks Are in Good Shape

Running a transport business involves a lot of costs. The most significant expense involves maintenance of the transport trucks. However, you can reduce this cost by carrying out some great maintenance tips. Here are four ways to ensure your trucks are in good shape.

Always Change the Oil

This is an easy and very significant maintenance tip for your transport truck. According to Ford, you should change the oil after every half a year or 7,500 miles, whichever precedes the other, for truck models of 2008 or later. When it comes to older trucks with higher mileage, you should replace the oil filter during the change of the oil. Remember to choose the most favorable oil for your truck. There are many varieties of oil, including high mileage picks that increase the lifespan of older engines.

Rotate the Tires

Rotating the tires every time you change the oil assists in ensuring that the wear is even. This is because there is usually uneven wear of tires according to the truck’s drivetrain. While this is based on the use of your vehicle, the tires on the front normally face the majority of the wear. Tire rotation will make the tires durable, and you will also experience a smoother ride. Additionally, your truck’s suspension will face a reduced burden that originates from tires that wear unevenly.

Keep the Tires Balanced

During the rotation of your tires, it is ideal to have them balanced. A balanced tire means that its weight is equally shared around the axle. With every pothole, off-road mission, and bump, your tires continually get out of balance. An unbalanced tire set can cause vibrations on the road and result in heightened wear on your suspension together with uneven tire wear. In case you must have a tire patched or replaced, you can get them balanced at the same time.

Ensure Alignment

In case during an oil change, the truck pulls to a single side, you should consider wheel alignment. Aggressive driving, as well as driving at high speeds over rough roads, can increase the risk of misalignment. When your wheels are misaligned, there will be increased wear and tear on the tires, poor handling on the road, and worse gas mileage.

Whether your truck requires you to buy turbo chargers or repair the engine, the overall maintenance costs can be minimized if you are careful with the vehicle. Just ensure that your trucks are exposed to these maintenance tips regularly.

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