4 Overlooked Items You Might Need When Opening a Warehouse

When business owners think of optimizing warehouse operations, the majority will reason out widely with warehouse management systems, automated data collection, material handling systems, and bar coding. Often, they will neglect the tiny items that affect warehouse operations immensely. These overlooked items require little or no initial investment and have significant impacts on warehouse operations.

Identification Boards and Tags

Clear identification of products makes it easier for pick-up and put-away processes. It minimizes error as products will get to their destinations as intended. Locations should also harbor precise identifications to bring organization into the warehouse. Clear identification eliminates congestion when erected in storage places and staging lanes. You could invest in labels, license plates, signs, or paint floors to show direction.


Ensure that your employees are equipped with adequate tools to enable them to perform their job functions with ease. Most of these instruments can be purchased at a low cost when acquired in large quantities. Your operation may struggle from inefficiency and declining productivity when employees keep wasting time wandering around the warehouse, borrowing their workmates’ tools. These essential tools range from warehouse supplies, cleaning tools, safety items, and any material that needs to get a job done.

Equipment Maintenance

Adequate maintenance for warehouse equipment affects both safety and productivity. Routine maintenance ensures that all equipment is inspected regularly to detect damages early and fix them or guarantee that they are in proper working conditions. For instance, your commercial battery supplier should bring in replacements for equipment at particular dates to ensure that workflow is seamless. Pallet racking maintenance is also another commonly overlooked warehouse operation. It is essential to repair and replace racking immediately it starts deteriorating. You could consider training staff on inspecting certain warehouse equipment and have them report any abnormalities.

Cooling Systems

The warehouse can get busy, stuffy, and crowded, bad enough to make employees lose productivity. Low productivity isn’t something you are looking to start your operations with. You could manage a lot with strategically installing fans in the warehouse as a piece of low-cost equipment. If the budget allows, consider investing in a good and long-lasting cooling system. You might also want to ensure that your warehouse stocks adequate cool and drinkable water to keep the working conditions ideal.

Over time, you will need to upgrade these tools and increase them in numbers to meet your employee’s demands. However, for a start, these four above mentioned things should be added to your shopping list.

Emma is a business strategist-turned blogger. She lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Emma is a  passionate traveler and yoga aficionado. She is in love with coffee, interior design, books, and good vibes. 🙂