What Does A Parole Attorney Do?

Do you know what a parole attorney is? These specialist groups of lawyers play a very important role in the judicial system but very few people know what they do. Read on to find out exactly what job they perform and when it might be essential to seek their help.

What Is a Parole Attorney?

A parole  attorney is a criminal lawyer who specializes in trying to get someone who is imprisoned, released. A parole attorney may also work on behalf of a parolee who has already been released but is in danger of being returned to prison if they are accused of breaking the conditions of their release.

Do You Need a Parole Lawyer?

If you find yourself in the position of needing a parole attorney for yourself of a family member, then you must act quickly to secure someone who can represent you and advise you well. Although you could wait until you have confirmation that a parole hearing is taking place, it’s always good to have a parole attorney you can call for advice in the interim period. If you do not already have a parole attorney secured, or you are unhappy with your current representation, Cox Law Firm PLLC  can provide you with a qualified and experienced parole attorney.

Is an Attorney Legally Required?

In a parole hearing, no, a lawyer is not required. Many prisoners have friends or family who offer to help with the paperwork and even make presentations on their behalf during the hearing. However, it’s crucial to remember that parole attorneys are specialist criminal lawyers who know how the law works, and, importantly, how the system works.  If you want the best chance of being released early, hiring a parole attorney is the way to go.

Why Is an Attorney a Good Option?

If you have family and friends arguing your case for parole, the parole board may take that into account. That’s not to say that the board will not believe them, but there is always that element of doubt. After all, family and friends will say anything to help.

A good parole attorney will build a strong case for early release based on the facts, and based on their knowledge of the law, as well as their experience of the way the parole system operates. They are the experts. In addition, however, they are still able to present to the board a relative; a father, mother, sister or brother who they can demonstrate will help the prisoner to become a valued member of society.

When Should You Hire a Parole Attorney?

Within reason, the sooner, the better. While you or your loved one is in prison, the choices made will have a direct influence on the chances of getting a hearing.

It’s important to remember that getting a parole hearing is not a right, it’s a privilege, and it’s a privilege that needs to be earned. Having someone to advise you on making good decisions while serving your sentence will greatly increase your chances of getting a hearing in the first place.

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