Just How Do You Go About Finding a Job?

Long gone are the days of walking into an establishment after seeing a hiring poster on the window and securing a job.

Today, hardly anyone takes applications at the retail establishment or office. With the advancement of online forms and job websites, many companies are putting their jobs online to get a wider pool of applicants.


If you are one of millions of people looking for a new employment opportunity, here are some tips on getting a job:

Get Social

To really tap into the largest pool of job availabilities, you are going to have to use social media.

Whether it is the companies posting jobs or you working your network to get your resume out to the public, social media is quickly becoming an ideal way to get a job. It is the best way for companies to get targeted results and for job seekers to get the most ideal chance at employment.

Sites such as LinkedIn and Google+ have better results with job seeking than Twitter, so make sure your LinkedIn profile has been endorsed and is up-to-date.

Get Mobile

Another great way to extend your job search arena is to find great job apps on your mobile phone.

Both iPhone and Android phones have job search apps that can help you find the career of your dreams. In today’s fast paced world, it is all about the internet and your mobile, so make sure you aren’t negating them for your job chance.

Apps can also help you beef up your resume and clean up your CV to look the best for potential employers.

Dress Appropriately in Person and Online

You are going to want to look the part when it comes down to the interview.

Recruiters are looking for someone that is clean, confident, and competent. Even before you get that crucial interview, go to every profile you can remember creating and update the photo.

Especially on social media sites, you are going to want a professional head shot for your photo and not one of you at last weekend’s frat party. When companies come looking, you want them to be pleased at what they see.

That said make sure your online profiles leave nothing to risk.

According to a 2012 Career Builder report, two in five employers now turn to social-networking sites to screen potential employees.

If you have questionable tweets, shares etc. using site such as Reputation.com can help lessen the chances employers will come across them, allowing you to better control what others see about you online. Remember, the last thing you want is an employer search to turn up negative information or images tied to you.

More Niche Jobs

Recently, there have been more job sites and job boards that are niche related.

Employers want candidates that fill a specific need or know a specific area of technology.

In fact, the National Association of Colleges and Employers projects a 13 percent hiring increase for college graduates that have computer, business, and engineering niches. If you have specific skill sets, you may want to look into this specialized job boards to find recruiters looking for your job knowledge.

Getting hired may seem more difficult, but in reality there are far more ways to get a job than ever before.

If you make sure you are open to all opportunities and take care to adjust your social media profiles, you can reasonably expect to find a job sooner rather than later.

About the Author: Tina Samuels writes on a variety of business-related topics for various websites.

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