5 Reasons You Should Hire an Agency For Your Social Media

Nowadays, every business has a strong social media presence. It is no longer a luxury option for the most profitable companies; it is a necessity for even a marginal level of success. Once you’ve decided to make an excellent decision and embark on a social media strategy, you must choose whether to keep your endeavors in-house or to hire a social media agency. Although there are pros and cons to each method, most industry experts agree that employing an outside organization is optimal.

crowd artHere are 5 reasons why you should heed their advice.

It’s surprisingly cost effective.

Although it might seem as though creating an in-house staff to take care of your social media needs would be cheaper than hiring an independent agency, employee costs add up quickly. For every employee that your company hires, you need to provide benefits and pay taxes for each individual. These hidden costs pile up and take a toll on the amount of money that can be allocated toward a social media plan. By hiring an agency, your company is ensuring that your entire budget is dedicated to the social media campaign, rather than getting wasted in an employee’s benefits package. Furthermore, any effective social media strategy will incur costs with graphic design, video production, and PR. But an outside agency can absorb these fees. Plus, as your social media budget increases, an independent social media agency can do even more for your business.

They’ve got tons of brain power.

When you hire a social media agency, you’re essentially getting 10 employees for the price of one. If you opt for an in-house team, you’ll likely only have about 3 people working on social media. But agencies use an entire team of experienced professionals to push the social media campaign that’s best for your company. These individuals understand which networks will work best for your organization, and they know how to execute your specific strategy. It won’t take as much time or for them to stay up to date on all social media platforms. Plus, if any problems do arise, the agency’s employees will put their minds together and find a creative solution to the issue, whatever it is.

Their experience prevents newbie mistakes.

Social media agencies do one thing: social media. As a result, they don’t make the mistakes newbies would. Employees at these agencies know what works and what doesn’t. Unlike a team created in-house, these individuals don’t need a period of adjustment. There is no learning curve. An independent agency’s employees immediately begin implementing your social media strategy. Plus, the social media strategy they devise is created from years of experience. Social media agencies already know how to navigate sites and will save your business a lot of time.

They’ve got objectivity.

As outsiders, social media agencies can make objective assessments about your company. This impartial outlook will produce the best strategy for your social media campaign. They will pay attention to every aspect of your business because they will not get caught up in the specifics of any portion of your organization.

They’ve got insight.

Because social media agencies are consumed in social media, they notice the changes that occur on every platform. In fact, agencies may even help to create certain trends in order to promote your business. They use advance search tools to control and join conversations related to your brand, leverage new channels, and even help test new features. These organizations understand how social media works and will serve your company to the best of their ability.

The professional content and conduct offered by social media agencies make them experts in their industry. Employing an outside agency can free up your time so that your company can devote attention to your daily tasks. Although creating an in-house division to handle social media may seem like the best option, the peace of mind gained by hiring an independent social media agency may grant your business the edge it needs to thwart the competition.

Laura is a content crafter and a research guru with the Marketing Zen Group. She writes about social media, SEO, and online marketing. When she’s not blogging, Laura loves all kinds of physical activity, ranging from yoga to ice hockey. She also tinkers with technology and follows pop culture closely. Connect with her on Twitter @l_mcconney.