Make Fitness Part of Your Business

Healthy employees are happy employees, which is exactly why your business should adopt an employee fitness program. Whether you promote healthy eating within the office or extend lunch breaks so your workers have time to exercise, employee health is worth the extra effort.

fitnessWhen it comes to a fit business, here are just a few ways to introduce an employee fitness program into your workplace:

Why Employee Fitness is Important

Keeping your employees healthy is all part of the new employee well-being frontier. More and more companies are putting the health of their employees first, which results in an improved work environment and increased productivity.

Fitness isn’t just about looking healthier; it’s about feeling healthier too. When your employees are fit, it increases their energy levels and stamina. Both of these factors lead to an increase in workplace productivity.

In addition, exercise and healthy eating also leads to an improved immune system. For your employees, this translates to fewer sick days throughout the year. A healthy, fit lifestyle also leads to a positive attitude, which is always beneficial in a work environment.

Tips for Adopting a Fitness Program

Making employee fitness a priority in your business is a fairly easy process. You can provide gym memberships to your employees and encourage them to exercise either before or after work. You can also begin an extended lunch break program that gives your employees time to walk or jog after lunch.

On top of that, providing your employees with a step counter like those sold at major retailers such as Walmart will get them involved in tracking their exercise progress and help them reach their fitness goals.

In the break room, you can also post healthy eating guidelines and nutritional recipes. Likewise, you can offer healthy snack options in your vending machines like granola bars and nuts instead of candy bars and potato chips.

Companies Putting Fitness First

There are a number of companies both large and small that are putting the health of their employees first. From in-house fitness centers to active employee retreats, the business world and the companies below are really beginning to realize the benefits of a healthy employee.

Among them:

  • GE – General Electric offers its employees a free Health Coach program that gives workers access to personal fitness advisors and state of the art gyms. The corporation, which has more than 130,000 employees, also offers a virtual clinic where employees can video chat with nurses about health-related issues.
  • Genentech – One of the largest biotech companies in the country hosts weekly farmers markets for its employees so they can choose all-natural eating options. In addition, Genentech also offers guided meditation and physical therapy classes during work hours so employees can stay loose and mentally sharp throughout the workday.
  • – The coupon giant has a campus gym and locker rooms where employees can exercise before and after work as well as during their lunch break. Not only that, the company also offer complimentary laundry, dry cleaning, and car wash services so employees can relax in their off time instead of running errands.

If you’re looking for a way to boost employee health, make fitness a part of your business.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including small business and human resources.