Is Your Brand Getting the Right Marketing?

No matter what product or service you sell to consumers, correctly marketing your brand is of utmost importance.

marketing2Take for instance the man or woman who is a small business owner in a small town nationwide. While they likely get many of their customers via referrals, family members and friends, they still in all likelihood are doing some degree of marketing.

On the flip side, larger companies almost are a guarantee to be marketing, oftentimes with a sizable marketing budget to boot. In order to keep all those people employed and the revenue stream always increasing, larger businesses rely to a large degree on marketing to alert current customers about rewards programs, enhancements to their current services. They also market to potential customers to let them know about what they’re missing out on not being a current customer.

With that said, how you market your brand this year and beyond will go a long way in determining whether your revenue stream is increasing, holding steady or unfortunately decreasing.

Are You Doing All These Items?

In order to get the most out of your marketing, make sure you are:

  1. Targeting Your Audience – While some companies don’t like the idea of doing surveys and analysis, many others have learned that doing such when it comes to marketing is key to getting the right people’s attention and not wasting money. Understand the right demographics for your business and market accordingly. If you are marketing products like, you want to make sure you’re looking at potential customers who are regular television viewers. These are likely people who enjoy a mix of entertainment options such as shows, movies, sports and more. Some may also be looking for deals where they can bundle their entertainment and Internet needs. Going after folks like senior citizens (many of whom do not use the Internet and/or do not watch a sizable amount of TV) may not prove cost-effective;
  2. Socializing Your Message – If you have not been using social media, you are missing out on what is essentially a free marketing tool. Utilizing social media in your marketing plans is pretty much a no-brainier in today’s world. From Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest, make sure your social presence is active and relevant. Social media is also a good place for you to answer consumer inquiries and provide links to relevant information on your industry;
  3. Pushing the Envelope – Finally, never be afraid to push the envelope when it comes to your marketing needs. Sure, some marketing initiatives may not work when all is said and done, but at least you tried them. While you should always think things over before putting them out there to the public, don’t be afraid of doing something a little risky. Face it; your competition may do the same thing.

As a business owner and/or marketer, how do you promote your brand to get the most bang for your buck?

About the Author: Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as marketing and small business.