Team Up Baby Boomers and Mobile Marketing

Smartphones and mobile devices are quickly becoming a way of life for millions, especially the baby boomer crowd. More and more people ages 50 and older are adopting a mobile lifestyle, which makes mobile marketing the perfect form of outreach for your company.

shutterstock_130947476With a boom in marketing in mind, here are just a few ways mobile marketing will benefit your business when it comes to baby boomer consumers:

Mobile Baby Boomers on the Rise

The mobile audience is expanding all the time and baby boomers age 50 and older are jumping on the handheld bandwagon. In fact, according to Pew Research, of the baby boomers surveyed, nearly 90% use a cell phone regularly.

Likewise, almost 50% of those surveyed own and use a smartphone to receive calls, texts, and browse the Internet. With numbers like this, there’s no better time than now for your business to market to baby boomers via the mobile route.

Personal Touch Marketing

Reaching out to the baby boomer crowd takes more than just mass marketing campaigns. The 50 and older crowd appreciates advertising campaigns that are targeted at their specific wants and needs.

With mobile marketing, your business can create campaigns that are specifically designed to attract the baby boomer audience.

Tailoring your campaigns to a 50+ audience and delivering those campaigns on a mobile level adds a personal touch to your marketing endeavors, which helps your business attract more baby boomers.

Marketing Ease

Small-scale marketing creates an environment where it’s not only easier to create, but also to deliver marketing campaigns.

Because most mobile marketing campaigns start with a simple text, all your business has to create is a compelling message. The actual advertisements are also easy to create because they are simple, straightforward, and designed for the small screen.

As the following article shows, another reason why it’s baby boomer time for the mobile market is because the 50 and older crowd find it incredibly easy to take advantage of your mobile advertisements.

Unlike online, television, and radio marketing, all the baby boomer audience has to do is tap their smartphone screens to gain access to your marketing attempts.

Response Tracking

Because you’re sending your marketing campaigns to specific phone numbers as opposed to random destinations as with online advertising, mobile marketing gives you the opportunity to track your results.

Seeing which baby boomers follow through with your mobile marketing attempts and which ignore your campaigns altogether provides valuable marketing insights. With response tracking, you can truly tailor your marketing endeavors to even the most niche audiences.

Cost Efficiency

Easily and quickly creating tailored marketing campaigns for an ideal audience all boils down to one thing: marketing cost efficiency.

Whether your business concentrates their marketing attempts on baby boomers or a variety of potential customers, mobile marketing is more cost effective than traditional forms of advertising.

Not only are campaigns smaller, they are also much easier to create and deliver. This cuts down on how much time your marketing department spends on each campaign.

Additionally, because campaign effectiveness is a breeze to track, your business won’t waste time or money on campaigns that aren’t working.

When you’re ready to go the extra mile with your baby boomer marketing, keep mobile audiences in mind.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including marketing and technology.