Are Job Boards Winning Over Applicants and Employers?

shutterstock_142813183As an employer, have you ever wondered if job boards are worth the effort? As an employee, do you second guess yourself as to whether you should bother to upload your resume?


Here are the pros and cons of job boards and what value they hold for both employers and prospective employees….


Pros for Job Boards

Hub for Job Availability

Job boards provide a centralized location for job availability. If you’re looking for a job, it’s convenient to be able to log in to one centralized website, enter relevant keywords, and find open job positions in a short period of time.

Hub for Qualified Candidates

If you’re an employer looking for qualified candidates, job boards provide an excellent means to source those candidates and draw attention to openings you need filled. Quality job boards usually equal quality candidates, so be sure you choose wisely when it comes to job postings.

Centralized Location for Openings

Job posters know they can post a job once and receive tens or hundreds of qualified job applications for every job opening. Job boards provide a centralized location for openings that employers can use to minimize the work involved in hunting down candidates.

Easy Accessibility to Applications and Cover Letters

When busy employers want easy accessibility to applications and cover letters, job boards are the answer. Employers receive instant notification when applications and cover letters are submitted, as well as instant download status.

Cons of Job Boards


The generic feature of job boards is a negative when employers are looking for candidates to fill jobs that may not match traditional profiles. The one-size-fits-all approach to filling out job opening order forms may not actually be a good fit for some types of companies.

Lack of Personality

Both employers and employees may not necessarily like the lack of personality of job boards. The whole process removes the individual and personal approach to job hunting. In some instances, it’s impossible for a job hunter to contact the employer in any way but through the formal job board interface.

Quantity of Applicants

More is not necessarily better. Some job boards do a less than stellar job of filtering out applicants that don’t satisfy minimum job requirements. Since it’s easy to click on “apply” buttons, employers sometimes find their inboxes filled with hundreds of “junk” applicants that they wouldn’t otherwise have to be bothered with.

As the following article looks at, just how employers gauge the effectiveness of job boards has a lot in common with how job candidates view the job boards process.

Both viewpoints are valid, and both viewpoints are geared toward the same goal.

Employees want jobs that will fulfill career goals and employers want candidates who are qualified to complete the job skills necessary to drive the company profit margins up.

With that in mind, what do you think of job boards?

About the Author: Kate Supino writes extensively about best business practices.

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