Marketing Your Brand with a Purpose

In the world of marketing, there are those who succeed and those who wish they had come up with a better strategy to promote their brand.


If you find yourself in the former group, take a few seconds to pat yourself on the back. For those in the latter group, don’t despair. Even though your marketing campaign/s may have failed, it does not mean you can’t come at it with a new approach moving forward.

While some marketing campaigns fail for obvious reasons, others don’t work because perhaps the timing wasn’t right or the competition was just a little bit better. The key is to learn from what went wrong and how to prevent that from being the case once again.

Run Through Your Promotion Checklist

In order to make your marketing promotions sizzle, remember some of these tips moving forward:

  1. Your audiences – Before you do anything else know and understand those you are targeting for potential sales. If you are promoting auto or homeowner’s insurance, targeting senior citizens in their 80’s for example is all but a waste of time. If you go after the demographic of consumers in their 20’s and 30’s, however, you could ring up a fair amount of sales. On the flip side, those marketing more about cablevision stand a better chance landing senior citizens who oftentimes are home more than someone in college or just going out into the working world, therefore they are more likely to make sales for television, phone and Internet bundles. At the end of the day, you should research ALL demographics to see if sales are possible, but zero-in on where you have the best chance to land new clients;
  2. Your reach – If you are just using traditional marketing means to reach consumers, you are missing out on a bigger revenue stream. You should not only be using traditional marketing avenues, but also social media and mobile marketing. With social media, fire-up your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and other such pages. Make sure you are posting on such sites regularly; also be sure to respond to consumer inquiries. As for the best times to post on social media, don’t post all in one big social push and then abandon your pages for a few days. Consistency is a key when it comes to marketing via social. As for mobile marketing, don’t be in the dark on this option. With millions of consumers living on their mobile devices, you stand a great chance of connecting with them when you send out text messages on special rewards programs, mobile coupons etc. Make sure, however, that you are approaching consumers who are interested in your product/service in order to avoid becoming a spam nuisance;
  3. Your competitors – While you never want to mimic what your competition does, you can learn some tricks and traits from them. Take a look at how they market their brand and see what works and what does not click. Also track their social media interactions with consumers, looking to see if you can capitalize on some things they are not doing properly. If they’re slow to respond to consumer inquiries and/or issues, you could be just what the consumer is looking for (but do it professionally, never bad-mouthing your competitors).

Marketing in today’s fast-paced world can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Know who you need to go after and market like there is no tomorrow.


About the Author: Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as marketing and technology.